Pre-Chat V1 | Chat without typing!

Pre-Chat V1

What is it ?

Pre-chat V1 is a userfriendly interface for those who have parental control, or the game chat is disabled for them.

How to setup ?

You need to move the ServerScript to ServerScriptService !

How to modify ?

Wanna modify the the UI?

  1. Just go into the buttons frame
  2. Open the button that you want to modify
  3. Open the local script, got to line 12
  4. Go after the head sentence, and modify the header of the text
  5. then go to line 14, and modify the text, that you want.

Want to modify the font?

Just click on a text and change the font !

Credits :

ItsKayzen : Developper

Install it

  1. The asset is private

  2. How does it work?

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Im gonna make the asset public

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Now it’s public, i can’t reveal how it work but you can see when you put it on roblox studio

Why can’t you reveal it? The resource is public.

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So, it allows the user to make quick messages, like on most console games?

Yes, and it’s for the lazy people too

Everyone has their secrets yk?..

the structure is terrible and there are basically no useful messages


What is the point of this? Since everything is client-side, the players are talking to themselves.

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no people see it, how would you know

ik, it’s still in developpement, and you can modify it :confused:

thats like saying “if people talk to themselves in their heads, everyone else can see it”

the point of making a resource is not so people can modify it, but use it out of the box

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Are you going to tell us what this resource is?

Because everything you wrote is client sided.

And because you won’t believe me…


yee, but how would i fix it???

I don’t understand your question???

To communicate from the client to the server, we use remotes. You can read more about that here:

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Roblox used to have a feature like this, I think they removed it around 2013-2014


A new update has been released