Preload packages outside of Studio

The Problem

To my understanding and experience with packages, it’s possible that when Roblox’s asset loading services go down, packages will fail to load.

This means crucial scripts may not load - entirely breaking the game.

This issue is indiscriminate of how long the asset services are down. Seconds vs. hours means no difference, the assets will not have loaded when needed.

Yes, you could probably use a pcall and handling for it to be “saved”, but sometimes that isn’t feasible when asset services get iffy for hours at a time. It’s also pretty frustrating to implement this for every single package you may use.

The Solution

The main use for packages, at least in my opinion, is Studio-side. Packages are used to speed up developing. They don’t have a practical use for the client/server when it comes to their existence.

Thus I propose: when a game is saved, packages are saved in their raw form (still connected via their PackageLink for Studio). This means assets such as scripts/localscripts/modulescripts will not have to rely on Roblox’s asset service being up to load.


  • I noticed this rather crucial flaw with packages this past week when assets continued failing to load. This broke core ModuleScripts used in my games.

  • I honestly don’t know what category this belongs in. Feel free to let me know.

  • If you can think of a better/more apt title, let me know.