Premium Pins, premium version of BC Hard Hats


When Builders Club was still a thing, we had Builders Club Hard Hats, a way to display that we supported ROBLOX on our avatars.

Then, Premium came, and what did we get? Nothing. That’s why I’m suggesting the idea of “Premium Pins”.

Here, on my avatar, you can see that there is a little hand-made premium logo that works as a pin that would be a torso accessory.

It would be a way to show on our avatars that we have Premium because it’d be cool.
Even though it’s not the best, here’s the model if anyone’s interested.
PremiumPins.rbxm (2.9 KB)
Well, have a good day!



I personally think it’s a bit big; I’d probably wear it if it was smaller. I love the concept though, now that the hard hats are gone.


I strongly support this idea, and I hope it becomes a reality in the future.


Same here, I had made it smaller afterwards but didn’t want to retake a screenshot.


This is actually a pretty cool concept which puts a unique spin on the BC hard hats. Hard hats made sense (I mean its literally called builders club!) and I think that pins also make sense in the context of premium. They sort of signify being a part of something or having a certain rank (in this case being a premium user). I’m definitely in support of this.