Pressing right thumbstick on gamepad does not zoom camera out if `StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance` is used

Reproduction Steps
Currently, as of 11/25/21, if StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance is set to a value higher than the default, the ability for the player to zoom the camera out on gamepad (by clicking the right thumbstick) becomes broken.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a new baseplate place
  2. Set StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance to 10
  3. Zoom the camera in by clicking the right thumbstick on an xbox controller
  4. Observe that you cannot zoom the camera back out like normal
  5. Set StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance to 0.5
  6. Observe that you can now zoom the camera back out when clicking the right thumbstick

I’ve attached a repro file below:
NoZoom_Repro.rbxl (31.5 KB)

Expected Behavior
It is expected that clicking the right thumbstick will zoom the camera out on gamepad, regardless of what StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance is set to

Actual Behavior
Clicking the right thumbstick does not zoom the camera out if StarterPlayer.CameraMinZoomDistance is set to anything higher than 0.5


Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly


This issue is still occurring as of 1/31/22. It causes a major UX problem in my game on XBOX, since we have custom camera distances.

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This is still occurring as of 3/3/22. Again, this causes a major UX problem on XBOX. I’ve gotten a lot of player reports about this issue, and it is caused by the corescripts.

This is still happening as of 9/19/22.

I ran into this issue for the first time in 2018, so this bug has existed for a long time. It’s extremely worsening the UX in my game since players will remain stuck in first-person mode.


The reason from what I know from looking at the script is that the script has fixed values on the steps for controller zooming. When CameraMinZoomDistance, it doesn’t zoom out since it’s not at the 0.5 mark. My solution was to use math.max for the check of what state it is for the time being until Roblox natively fixes it.

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This should be fixed now! Thanks for the report.


I wish there was a “Super Like” button for when extremely old bugs like this get fixed, thank you!


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