Prevent large decals from blurring?

I have a high resolution image (3840 x 2160) which I’ll be using in-game:

My problem is, when uploaded to Roblox, the image loses a significant amount of quality:

I am using ScaleType ‘Fit’ so the image size maintains the same proportions.

I understand Roblox have limitations when it comes to uploading Decals, but…
How can I upload this image without it blurring significantly or at all?


You can upload multiple pieces at a resolution of 1024x1024 then place them side-by-side. If an uploaded image is larger than 1024 in any dimension it gets scaled down.


Ok thank you, I’ll give this a go

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So I’ve split the map up into 8 equal segments (960x900) which has really helped improve the quality:


However, there is still a noticeable blur:

I understand this isn’t a significant issue, but was wondering if there is anything else I can do make the image quality as similar as that of the originals as possible?

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Is each tile sized using offset to 960x900 or the same aspect ratio? This would stop Roblox trying to scale it (which always has a negative impact)

Each tile is sized (0.25, 0, 0.5, 0) and then positioned in intervals of 0.25

All of these tiles are parented to a frame which acts as the image. This frame responds to the screen and changes accordingly to maintain the correct ratio:

local frame
local ySize = frame.AbsoluteSize.X * 0.46875
frame.Size =,0,0,ySize)
frame.Position =,0,0.5,-ySize/2)

So you’re using a 1:1 aspect ratio in studio while the images use 16:15, this probably causes the issues. Try breaking the image into 1:1 chunks as you’re treating it this way anyway

I still believe the image is scaled accurately, correct me if I’m wrong. I may have caused confusion by this point here:

In this point I was referring to the size of the segments (960x900) in, meaning the total map size is 3840 x 1800. As a result, I use the scale 1: 0.46875 which is applied to the frame containing all the segments in studio. As a result, each segment maintains their 16:15 scale (to the nearest pixel).

My bad, completely missed

I’m not sure if there’s anything you can do past this point. Roblox doesn’t support high resolution images due to their size and i assume that normal images are also compressed


It’s going to look blurry regardless of resolution unless you display it at the exact size that you uploaded it in. Increments of that size will probably also look good, as well as halving the size once or multiple times.


That’s tricky to achieve unfortunately when accounting for so many different devices and screen sizes.

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You could upload multiple versions of the tiles and use the tiles that best fit the screen size, if you really want crisp UI everywhere.


I’ll consider this, thanks.

This limit is true as of today, but if you’d like to know if your decals have been scaled, you can download them with
You’ll get a file with a hash on it’s name, rename that file to include the original extension (.png for example), then open with your preferred editor and check it’s resolution, quality.