Preventing lag?

I have begun work on a game that will be based off of a game called Civilizations 6. If you’ve never played this game before, I’d like you to take a look at this clip of a YouTuber named PotatoMcWhiskey play a later stage of a match:

To keep it short and sweet, just watch a minute or two. I am trying to achieve something like that in Roblox. However, my primary concern is that the game will get lagged down completely by all the models. So I need help finding ways to combat the lag.

The only thing I’ve really thought of is to only load tiles around the camera. This way only the tiles that the player will immediately see get noticed, and as the player moves the camera, the different tiles will be loaded and unloaded depending on whether they are needed or not.

Any improvement on that idea or more ideas are appreciated!


You can improve performance by enabling content streaming, using microProfiler and more. II found some treads and replies that can help you: link1 lin2 link3 link4

This can be a good idea.

Hope this helps!


Just have the models only spawn in when player is close to them using runservice heartbeat, then checking magnitude to see how close the player is to each model. If the models aren’t spawned into the workspace, they’re not causing render lag.

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