Preventing Npc From Tripping/Falling Over

I have an enemy npc that tends to trip (going into the FallingDown state) a lot when doing animations, moving, and even just being idle. What’s more is that it does this even on a flat baseplate. It mostly trips upon doing animations, in which I need to lock and move the npc during these (currently using bodyPosition to move them).

So far I’ve tried all that I could come up with and all that I can google. Setting the Humanoid Falling states to false, anchoring the root (trips upon unanchoring, and also isn’t convenient), locking it on a bodyGyro, and possibly other things I can’t remember.

Are there any other potentially working methods to keeping the npc up?

you could try checking the hipheight of the humanoid

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Anchoring the HRP should keep it standing.

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As said in the post, I’ve tried anchoring the root part. It tends to fall again when unanchored. It also isn’t too convenient in general for trying to constantly pause and resume the npc’s movement.

For whatever reason, setting the NPC’s humanoid states “FalllingDown” & “Ragdoll” to false didn’t work on it’s own. I made the HRP smaller and increased the HipHeight, which caused the false state’s to work all of a sudden.

Edit: Nevermind it only half-fixed it. The NPC only falls half as much now. Gotta love how inconsistent Studio is.

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Oops, looks like I skimmed over just that part. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:

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No worries, happens to the best of us

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Ever fix this problem? I have the same exact issue : p

Sadly, I’ve long moved on from Studio and do not well remember how I had fixed it. iirc, I think the issue had pertained to mass, so making parts of the entity massless had fixed the issue due to the parts in the animation throwing the model’s centre of mass off-balance.


Thank you, I’ll try this out, have been trying a lot of other solutions and the best one that worked (but was inconsistent) was changing humanoid states so it didn’t fall or ragdoll.