Preview Rolink #1 Guilded Verification bot

What is Rolink?
Bring your discord community onto guilded! Rolink is a Roblox verification bot for Guilded written in JS, We only provide game verification for now due to Guildeds limited API. However we plan to add other ways of verifying and binds!
If you’re interested in having rewards if a user joins your guild we do all the backend stuff for you all you have to do is just use our api to check if the user is verified!

Rolink Showcase

Please start by doing /setup VERIFIED_ROLE_ID
Screenshot 2022-09-30 041932

Every user which verifies will be given the verified role, And that’s all you just need set the permissions to view the channels only to the verified role.

Owners must assign a admin role, Users with the role will be able to set the verification role and do more commands

How to verify

Please start by doing /verify ROBLOX_USER

You will be prompted to join the verification game, Once you join it’ll say “Are you …”

Once you click yes all you have to do is /getrole and boom easy as that now you are verified. And don’t worry about verifying in other servers using Rolink, Once you are verified in one server you’re verified in every other server using Rolink

Join Rolinks community guild for updates and release date

Rolink was released


You should probaly add support for other community places like Discord (Just a suggestion cause I’m not sure if you have since I think discord advertising isnt allowed idk

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Thanks bro, the first guilded bot i see on all my life

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We already have a discord but it’s not public yet but it’ll be announced when we do

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