Rolink - Guilded's #1 Roblox Verification Bot

Bring your discord community onto Guilded! Rolink is a Roblox verification bot for Guilded written in JS, We only provide game verification for now due to Guilded’s limited API. However we plan to add other ways of verifying and binds!


Currently we only offer 1 way of verification which is joining a Roblox game however we plan to add more ways of verification via setting your roblox bio or linking your roblox to your profile.

To setup Rolink you start off with /setup VERIFIED_ROLE_ID this role will be given when a user successfully verifies

To verify you do /verify ROBLOX_USERNAME Rolink will prompt you to join the verification game to get verified. When you join it’ll say “Are you …” after you successfully verify you do /getrole to receive the role the owner has set


Rolink offers an api to retrieve users and see if they are verified or not. This is mainly useful for game developers who want to offer ingame rewards for being in their guild.

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I’m not sure I see the use case.
You can already link your Roblox account directly to your guided account. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to have a bot check for that connection and automatically role them without user interaction?

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Game verification was one of the first verification ways we added so might as well release. We are gonna add verification via checking your profile and seeing if your Roblox is linked. But currently we only offer game verification

(also if you just dont wanna have your roblox linked for some random reason)

Looks awesome! Will it function like Bloxlink, where we can set our group up with it in the future?

Guilded lets you link Roblox directly through Roblox’s own authentication, so while this is a neat idea and all it kinda serves zero purpose unless you’re allowing users to link multiple accounts at once and switch between per server as needed.

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yes! you’ll be able to verify if a user is in a group / assign roles depending on the users rank in the group and gamepass binds.

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we are working on getting a website up so you’re able to pick what account you want verified on certain guilds

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Just a quick notice for anyone reading here, InceptionTime provides a Guilded verify bot which is official, used in all of Roblox’s official servers and uses Guilded’s connections feature.


How do i get it to work? I do the commands but it says nothing. And can i get it to link my roblox group roles?

Project has been dropped, consider using the bot above your post

Yeah, i coulfn’t get either one to work.