Private Inventories are Still Accessible


As you guys know, there is a setting that allows players to choose who they want to be able to view their inventory. I noticed that there aren’t many ways to get around this (i.e changing the ID in the inventory URL, etc.), but there is one method that specifically allowed somebody to view meshes made by me that were planned in an update for a game, which leads me to create this report. Here’s how it works.

First, you go to the library on the develop page - Roblox

Then, you go down to the “Creators” panel and type in a username -

Then, you can select the asset type (for mine, I chose meshes) -

And there you go, you can view somebody’s inventory and work around the setting.

I’m not sure if this intentional or not, but it defeats the purpose of inventories being private, so I hope that I can receive some feedback on this and have it possibly fixed!


This was brought up in another thread: