Private Server Owners Can Evict Unwanted Players via Blocking

Hey Developers,

The time has come.

Our new feature, designed to empower private server owners, is officially live. This feature provides owners with the capability to evict unwanted players from their servers via blocking.

If you’re the owner of a private server, blocking will now immediately evict unwanted players from your private server and add them to your block list, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.

If you incorrectly blocked the wrong user and wish to unblock them, simply head over to your block list found here, and remove the user from the block list.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you.


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Finally, we can remove unwanted users from VIP servers.

However, it does provide the question; does this mean that the 100 blocks limit will also be increased (or even better; removed entirely)? This will also fix a lot of issues other than just an ‘eviction limit’ that could have been put in place over that.

Personally, I don’t like removing a blocked person from the blocked list just to make space for someone ‘more recent’ to block, and I doubt I am the only one who thinks so.

(exaggeration but realistic scenario)


Overall, this is a great idea! I think a lot of people would find this helpful. I do think it should be opt-out though, because some games may be affected if the server owner can kick players.

For example, the game PLS STEAL may pentalize a player for leaving during a match. The server owner can now kick them, making them leave. I don’t think this would be considered scamming, but it may be annoying to have a pentaly on your profile for a long time because of a private server.

I don’t know how to fix this other than having this be opt-out or a setting. I like this update though!

(edit: roblox staff is playing doors, wild)


While it’s nice to see any option at all to remove players who are causing trouble in my private servers, I’m a little disappointed it’s tied to the 100 user limit that blocking has. If I want to get rid of a player who’s causing trouble in my private server, I need to navigate all the way to the block list, and decide who’d be the least likely to cause trouble if they had the ability to contact me again…


Why can’t it be outside of in-game?


The issue with this is that you can only have 100 people blocked at one time.

And I personally don’t find this very effective, because if you are making a private server where anyone can join via a link, people can just create an alternate account and join the server without issue.

This can be solved by restricting the private server to certain people or friends only, but that defeats the point of this new feature.

A better idea would to either remove the blocked user limit (there honestly shouldn’t be a limit in the first place), or add a feature that allows us to blacklist an unlimited amount of users from your private server. This still, however, will not solve the issue with alt accounts.


I like where this is going but I believe that not all kicks require blocks.


You could have a friend that you don’t want in your server temporarily


That would still require a block, which is something we don’t want to have to begin with.


If only we weren’t limited to block 100 players, this would perhaps be the greatest thing to happen in VIP servers.


I would suggest removing or substantially raising the block persons limit so that way this feature can be more effective

Again great update!


While I do appreciate the fact that you guys care about us controlling who we let into a private server, why not just allow us to ban people from our PS specifically? I don’t think that going the nuclear option is the best idea especially since there are people who don’t like to block people unless there is no other choice. What about content creators who get their PS link leaked? The block list goes up to 100.


Wish we could get more tools for private server owners, but I guess this is a start. I don’t think its ideal to have to block someone to kick them.

There should be no block limit, this cap is ridiculous.


why did this take so long? but honestly better late than never, huge w


This is a welcoming feature, but what if you have 100+ people you want to block from your servers.

This may not fix anything for some people.


I think it’s great that players you block are unable to join. This is the only option Roblox is able to do without going in and configuring the actual experience for developers who may not even want the option to remove players from private servers.

It is more up to the developer to implement a further solution beyond blocking, and roblox was simply incorporating a feature that no Developer could have implemented due to developers being unable to check a blocklist.

However, if you were to ever implement something like this, I would suggest a chat command to remove a player, currently when you use /help a list of chat commands pop up, and if you added a kick/ban option (only through private servers) that wouldn’t hurt.


They can just generate a new link…

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Hi Hedreon! It can ALSO be outside of the experience. If you blocked the player outside of the experience via their profile page, the player will still be kicked out of the private server.


Hi Binary, thank you for flagging this! I appreciate your feedback and will share with the team.