Private Server Owners Can Evict Unwanted Players via Blocking

I mean yea but like imagine having to generate a new link every 2-3 minutes and have your fun ruined over someone maliciously brute forcing the link. It’s best to just have a blacklist specific to the private server…


Why not just bring back the old PBS setup for all private servers (VIP servers)
It let you whitelist, blacklist, and kick in the game without having to “block” anyone.
It also lets the users edit this on the game page, on the server itself, no need to join the place to change these settings.
It could also be pushed using API.


I agree with this user. Roblox is just becoming worse and worse every each year. They added that stupid roblox beta client with that stupid mobile layout no one even wants that. They even have lots of ignored suggestions and they ignored it for whole 3 years. Ability to prompt in-game user to join group

Keep in mind this is not the only one suggestion that got ignored by roblox.


thats really good suggestion my bro but I think that its gonna be ignored just like this one (and same thing with roblox beta client with that mobile layout on desktop app everyone wanted it to be removed but roblox did completely nothing about it) Ability to prompt in-game user to join group

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I agree! This could definitely be integrated within the current Private Server control panel that is provided to users. Would require work to implement on the website though.

Maybe it would look like something like this? (Note: This is a concept)


This is a good update, however the cap on blocking is still an issue that could also end up affecting this new feature.

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While this is a good holdover and a good gap to fill with how blocking users behaves, this is not suitable as a final solution for kicking/blacklisting players from a private server and makes for a hacky solution at best. Removing a player from your private server doesn’t necessarily mean you never want to speak to them again…


This is a good idea that should have been added at the start, the only bad thing i can think of right now is you can only blcok 100 users, but we should be able to block as many people as we need, and it should be the same way with blocking users in general.

What makes it so difficult to just add a simple kick/ban feature for private servers? This seems like a weird way of implementing a fairly straightforward feature.


This is something that should have been added a long time ago.

Honestly, kicking out + banning people from private servers should be a standalone option, instead of having to block that one a little bit annoying friend (blocking friends unfriends you) just to kick them out for a second and having to re-add them from the site later (which can become very annoying by itself, given how we can block only 100 people at once)


This is a good and long-awaited change but I just think the image they included with the low quality snipping tool circle is so funny lol

I think there should be a new added button dedicated to kicking since the block player limit still exists and players may not want to block certain players but instead kick them out and could forget to unblock later. Not to mention most players who don’t check devforum will probably not know this feature exists.

This should also be a opt-out feature so developers can choose if they want server owners kicking players because some games could probably suffer from server owner kicking their players out mid-game

This update generally need some QOL changes but at least players can kick people out of their private servers now


What if I wanted to block someone while I also don’t mind their presence in my server?

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Then you would use the /mute command in chat.

Although this current solution may suffice for now, the existing solution can lead to inconveniences, as players may resort to blocking their friends temporarily to remove them, only to have to reestablish their friendship later. A more potent approach lies in creating a menu that empowers server owners to seamlessly adjust player access without relying on the block list.

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Roblox always seems to find the most convoluted methods of ‘solving’ our problems.


I imagine that people would want the ability to evict unwanted players without also blocking them in the process. Is this something coming in the future?

Imagine you have your own game with enabled private servers. You joined to some private server and server owner also playing. If he block you, you will be kicked or not, because you are developer?

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this is pretty useful but i think we should have a kick button that doesn’t block but just kicks


Actually a really nice feature, certainly doesn’t work in all cases but is still better in a lot of games which don’t have any sort of command system in place for private server owners.

Obviously as pretty much everyone else has pointed out, it would be nice if the block limit was removed or at the very least a lot higher than it currently is.

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