Private server subscriptions should be paused instead of canceled when a game goes private

It is currently difficult in how private server subscriptions are automatically canceled on a game that changes from being public to private. Roblox has since added a confirmation box to prevent this happening from accidental clicking on the public/private button, but some also suggested that it would be better if the private server subscriptions were paused rather than completely canceled.

I believe this idea can also extend to games that are on review and unpublished as these are cases where players are either given limited or no access at all to play the game.

When private server subscriptions are paused, the subscription should remain visible on the servers list of the game, but must indicate that access to these servers are paused, and indicates that the subscriber will not be charged until the game goes public again. The player should be given the option to pause any of their active subscriptions for as long as they want to.

Players are currently not informed whether or not a game they are subscribed to changes its status from public to private and vice versa. This prevents players from knowing in the first place whether or not their private server subscriptions had been canceled or paused, as suggested. And when said game becomes public again, they would only realize that later on, and go through the hassle of re-subscribing to them.

Considering that private server subscriptions are payments that automatically proceed on a monthly basis without actually needing to confirm the payment for each monthly period, players should also be informed if such subscriptions are not going to be charged for, similar to how people are given billing updates on their subscriptions via email.

This should also apply to players with active private server subscriptions on a game whose developer just simply disables the feature as well.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would not only save developers the problem of losing income from private servers whenever they have to make a game private for whatever reasons, but it also would be less of a hassle for those players who would be unaware of their subscriptions being canceled.


  • Players should be able to pause subscriptions rather than cancel them
  • When a game changes its visitable state, it should auto-pause private server subscriptions and inform the subscribers of such