Private Servers don't support universes

Private Servers currently do not support universes. This means if a developer of a large-game wants to support Private Sevrvers servers, they need to implement an entire system to support it themselves. I did this for Swordburst 2 around 5 years ago and it was not trivial (because this same feature did not support large-games then either, when it was called VIP servers)

It would be great if Private Servers were supported such that any TeleportService call made within a Private Server would only teleport to other instances created by this private server.

I considered filing this as a bug report, but I found a thread from 6 years ago showing this seems to be the desired behavior. IMO - this feature should work out of the box for large games. These devs have enough to deal with as-is, and rewriting Private Servers will never be a high priority!


honestly I think that keeping a functionality for people to be placed outside of their VIP servers when in nested places in universes could be a pretty good thing. For instance, if you have a battle royale game and a group of friends made a private server to queue up in order to ensure that they’re placed in the same party when they spawn in the game, that could be really nice behavior to have so the developer can control which players are viewed as a “unit” and sort of tag them as a “do not separate” combination. Something along these lines could make it useful for VIP servers to allow for players to mix anyways.