Problem Making UI

Hello. I am making a new UI for one of my games, and I’m having lots of trouble. My problem is that I have an image with text behind it. I want the text to be in front of it, but I can’t figure out how to do this. Here is a picture of the UI.

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The ZIndex property can be used to determine the order in which UI elements render on the screen relative to other UI elements. Higher values are rendered above lower values, meaning in this case you would set the text to a ZIndex of 2 and the backdrop to a ZIndex of 1 for example.


This doesn’t seem to be working right. It’s doing the same exact thing.

The backdrop appears to be slightly transparent so it may be difficult to notice a difference. With a slightly transparent backdrop, the text will be visible either way. By setting the transparency of the backdrop UI to 0, you should notice the text render above.

The UI isn’t actually transparent, I just made it like that so you could see what’s going on. I put it back to not being transparent, so now it’s just red.

Nevermind, I got it working. Thanks!

Would you care to share the fix in case someone else has a similar problem?

The reason why it wasn’t working was because they weren’t all in the same frame.