Problem with my code

anyone know the problem??

		local webhook = "hmm"
		local h = ""
		for i, v in pairs(loadingdata) do
			h = h..v
		local hah = {
			["content"] = h

		hah = http:JSONEncode(hah)
		http:PostAsync(webhook, hah)

What is loadingdata? Also, you shouldn’t put your webhook for everyone to see or someone can use it.

oh right… I just got this random notification. Its a table with a ton of strings

Are there any errors? (You can edit your post to remove the webhook)

Also, Discord blocks all HTTP requests from Roblox, you’re going to have to use a proxy like

I hasn’t blocked any webhooks for me so I don’t know if that is 100% correct

Discord themselves said they blocked requests:

More info: Discord Webhook | Http Forbiddeon - #26 by DrKittyWaffles

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