Problem with Procedural Belt Feeding a Machine Gun

Hey there folks, made a mounted turret system that uses BallSocketConstraints (BSC) on its bullet belt, which is also connected by BSC’s. Since the belt is connected to the gun by BSC, I move an attachment to simulate the bullet feed. The problem is the BSC’s break when they get too many collisions or have too much momentum, blowing up the entire turret and the player in the process.

I think the core problem is mostly due to this

Anyone knows why this is happening? Any workarounds to this?

Changing the bullet densities and tweaking BSC limits doesn’t seem to help. Collisions are enabled everywhere but the bullets still phase through sometimes, idk why that happens. The failure rate is about 20%. I’ve seen the belts both get completely fed upto as high as 50 times without breaking (50x24 bullets) and breaking on the very first belt.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

This is due to roblox physics, i would advise scripting the cframes of the bullets to avoid robloxs constraints.

If done properly you can still have the same effect only without the issues.

The current issue is mainly the collision of the parts being pulled creating excess forces through one of the many issues in roblox physics

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Well, you could use another attachment to keep the bullets in place. For example on the other side or on top of the bullets to keep them steady.

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Thanks for the reply. Should’ve known that constraints is a can of worms. I’ll try to shorten the belt and see If I can tone down the failure rate to acceptable ranges. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have resort to cframes. Leaving this as unsolved in case anyone else would like to share their tips

Thanks for the suggestion. By using another attachment, you mean constraints right? Wouldn’t adding more constraints put more load on the physics (which seems to be breaking in this case)?

Ah, yes. I’m not that great at building or anything, but adding more contraints or things like the green dot to keep it in place.

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Oh dear. I highly recommend you use a different constraint than that one. I have been having problems with that constraint interms of reliability.

I suggest connecting the bullets with a rod instead or use something a little simpler. I only recommend you use constraints for larger things.

Here I am only using 12 BSCs.robloxapp-20210619-2310492.wmv (8.2 MB) So…yeah. And this is not the worst thing that has happened to me.

Probably I would try and increase resistance if I were you.

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I’ve always wanted to make a procedural crawler and… wow. I knew that BSC’s had problems but this is legit cursed. I’ll definitely avoid them from now on. Thank you so much for sharing this!

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