Problem with Roblox Endorsed Cars

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how I can change the body/mesh of the vehicles that uses this specific chassis. I have seen some experiences be able to successfully do it.

  1. I have removed the original body of the car and the driving still works perfectly fine .
  2. Then, I welded a body without changing anything on the chassis and driving worked perfectly fine .
  3. However, when I tried to position the wheels, the vehicle is completely broken and can’t drive properly.


When I reposition the wheels, the steering breaks and the vehicle can’t turn properly anymore.

How exactly should I go about changing the body of the vehicle? Is there any extra steps that I could be missing?

Thanks in advance.

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For some reason the wheels are not straight and I can’t figure out why.

Change the length of the RodConstraints that attach the steering to the wheels.
When you have it set up in Studio, make the Length of the ‘SteeringTieRod’ L & R rods equal to the the CurrentDistance of the rods. You’ll have to center the body on the frame and move each set of wheels closer to the center, which will change the geometry of the suspension and steering.