Problems of Being a Builder

As a rookie builder i’ve encounter a lot of problems as a builder and i can’t imagine how Professional Builder’s Optimize their time Building insane things like World Zero,Arsenal,Jail break and etc like how they optimize the game Fps,Quality and alot more and as a rookie im bad at making meshes and that’s a disadvantage for me as a builder

Let me know if you can relate on this.


Practice, look to see what they’re doing to try to replicate that, practice, push yourself, practice, learn from the best, practice, practice some more, see how far you’ve come, define your goals, practice some more until you reach those, repeat.

You’ll be a better developer in no time.


I have two things.

  1. Practice, Just like what @meteor0id have mentioned, practice is one of the key you need to be a pro at building.

  2. Imagination, pro builders will have to use a lot of their heads and imagine a lot to make it into a reality.

  3. Time Budget, put up a schedule, set the times you will be doing at the time being set, and you’re balanced


it’s alot of practice and experience, as a start, try to first look for parts that can be “remade” with less parts, keeping the original structure

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All it takes is practise … i used to struggle making buildings … now after a month im making all sorts of proffesional low poly builds!

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As the above suggestions are good for the first part, the reason why professional builders optimize the time to build high quality objects is because they learn and improve overtime. As a rookie builder it may be hard to create things like that however you should always start small and then you’ll begin to (create something similar to quality models, maps, ect).

Try creating some small objects based off of a reference image keep experimenting with different styles. Always try new things or techniques; try to make things that you’ve never made before and continue on looking at other people’s build or images for inspiration that’ll help you improve more if there needed later down the line.

Here is a thread that leaves useful information and tips it may be something to check out when needed:


I’d suggest you place all unions and meshes on an automatic rendering.
(Render-Fidelity = Automatic)

It’s basic what this option gives you. Automatic render allows the union to lose itself to a lower quality at distance. This is useful because usually you don’t get to see the full quality of an union or mesh from distance.
Lowering the quality of an union; optimizes your game- you essentially have a higher FPS rate due to this.

I’d also recommend keeping all assets as meshes, because meshes only provide an exterior and no interior.
Therefore reduces lag, because it doesn’t contain 90% of what it should be containing as a regular union in studio has.
Hence why unions are seen as lag.

At last, I’d tell you to minimize your amount of terrain usage in your game. If you’re using terrain at all.
Too much terrain can essentially lower your FPS, and cause slight lag.
How do I avoid this?
I suggest you remove any amount of terrain that’s useless to have.
Keep your terrain flat beneath, remove any extra large chunk of terrain that’s poking out of the map for no absolute reason.

How to customize your render fidelity from precise (default) to automatic. (Preview below.)



We sometimes or usually use Plugins. It is very helpful and useful to build anything easily.

Also I have a few tips (Although I forgot some names, hadn’t been in studio for so long)

• Change the Move and Scaling (At the second tab) lower to be able to move/scale it easily
• Use a very useful plugin. Plugins like F3X, GapFill, etc (Sorry don’t remember much lol, hadn’t been in touch with studio)
• Groups your builds that contains many parts (Even not many parts, it would be easy)
• If you want to make a very small detailed build, start at a bigger scale and design it then scale it back to small how it should be.
• If you want a transparent part (Not invisible but can be seen), lower the Transparency to 0.1 to 0.99 (If 1+, It’s invisible)
• Always remember to anchor everything that shouldn’t be able to be pushed or fall.
• To add textures on parts, right click on part and add Decals/Textures (Forgot what it’s called) and click a side of a part, then go to property tab and click on TextureID/DecalID and select the file. You can scale the texture/decal at property (Sorry forgot what it’s called but you might find it)

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The main thing is practice, everything practice literally everything it helps alot.

Like you said your not good at blender? Tutorials and practice.

Not good at realism optimization? Practice.

Not good at low poly Optimization? Practice and probably advice from other builders.

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Hey man, I have been in your shoes. I actually didn’t start using blender until a year ago. And I can tell you building without meshes is very possible and making a map optimized without meshes is possible. More then 80% of my maps are parts and they run amazingly well. My biggest advice is finding your own building style, taking commissions for money or not to get the practice. Keep learning new tips and tricks. You can set your bench marks but don’t always expect to hit them right away you need to start slow and easy doing one thing at a time. If you need anything feel free to DM me for more advice, sorry to keep it short!

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My builds are 100% parts and it’s quite hard to replicate some parts im always trying to make my builds original as possible only using the roblox studio amd nothing else but still want to learn how to make mesh.

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Yeah, learning blender is really helpful for props that will save your part count by a bit with like trees, rocks etc. But not knowing blender isn’t a disadvantage at all in my opinion. I can say that blender has gotten more and more popular throughout the years but I know many builders, many front page people that don’t actually know how to use blender all that well.

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Well I reccomend you get some plugins for the job, I use some of them, and I think with building tools by F3X, it would take me less time to build, due to the nice clone tools on there.

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