Procedral Terrain Generator (Open Source)

An open source procedural terrain generator, that doesn’t utilize default Roblox terrain. Terrains that are generated are supposed to be static (non-editable).

It’s main features

  • Configurability
  • Uses OOP - it can handle multiple terrains with different settings
  • Heightmap:
    • Is an fractional Brownian motion created with exponentially destributed Perlin noise with domain warping. It makes more natural-looking terrain with fewer mountains.
    • Have a falloff feature, that allows you to create land completely surrounded with water.
  • River and lake generation
  • A simple forest generator

It is split on 2 main parts:

  • Terrain descriptor - is a facade for all data structures of the terrain.
  • Terrain builder - builds terrain in a workspace using data provided by terrain descriptor.

Currently built terrain consists only from square tiles.
I’ll implement polygonal terrain soon.


Short video about the development process:


Releases on GitHub - .rbmx file and .rbxlx place example

Source Code

GitHub Repository

Licenese: MIT


This looks really good, it’s really nice if you’re going for a cartoony kind of game.

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Woah! This is awesome dude! I watched the whole video and it looks like you spend a really long time making it. Thanks for contribuiting your creation to community and even making it open source!

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All plugins are anyway open source, but I find it nice how he directed the code instead of us having to spend 3 minutes to get it :tongue:


Looks amazing! Would love to see what people make out of this.

I can’t get the code, because I can’t open the files.

That looks really cool! seems fitting for something like an island survival type game but it looks really cool!