Procedural Planet Generation System

Hey guys! I have been working on this system for several weeks now. It randomly generates planets as well as foliage, trees, plants, etc. It is far from done, but I would love your opinion on the game so far. Thanks!

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Some of you might remember Hyperspace, and Orbit. Well… this is the next generation :wink: And yeah… we changed the name again.

Also, thanks to @aleserverr for the gravity system!


The game itself looks cool but the only thing i see is you go in worlds and harvest fruits, so with this trailer you can’t really tell much…

Yeah, it was more of a showcase of the system than the game itself. That has lots more features, they just arent in the video.

Edit: Changed the title to avoid confusion.

Wow! This is just awesome! The planets look awesome
Will you be making a tutorial on how to generate planets someday?

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Possibly, however, I kind of want to keep the code to myself, so I can have a one-of-a-kind experience. It is relatively simple to do. You just need to generate terrain in a sphere and then calculate the center and radius and randomly place plants based off of that. The plants are randomly generated by either using my tree generator or by randomizing which parts of a template are visible.

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I can’t tell much from the trailer, but I would definitely check it out.

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Awesome thanks so much! Signing up for the newsletter would help me out a lot!

Please send lots of newsletters; I want to see the progress on hand!

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I really love the gravity system. And also that generation looks so good! How did you get the gravity like that?

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You bet I will! Can’t wait to share some of the awesome stuff in this game!

As I mentioned, I used a gravity system made by aleserverr. It’s really useful!

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Sounds awesome. Did he make a plugin or something or did he help you?

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He published this resource: Planetary Gravity using Gravity Controller By @EgoMoose?
Which I was able to modify to fit my needs.