Product: exe | Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet

Product: exe | The Most Stunning Admin Panel Yet.


I’m not a fan of admin panels. In fact, I rarely ever use them. Most of them look really unprofessional and designed in an inconvenient way.


This one looks amazing! You have done such a great job at the UI, I’m really impressed! I love how it looks, looks really modern and professional.

Just one idea I have: maybe make it possible to navigate just by using a keyboard? I think it would be a nice little feature to add!

Again, this looks far better than any other admin panels out there. Great job, keep it up!

Have a great day!


With every “modern admin panel”, I’m always assuming it’ll just be another cluttered rounded UI.

But this one… is actually really clean! I’m currently even considering scrapping my WIP web-based moderation panel and fork this UI.

I would suggest you create an API to trigger custom windows & dialogs, so custom actions can be made. Extensibility is the key to let this product sustain.


Wow, for my first look UI is awesome, cleen and lot of features! Maybe I can use it later.


Wow, my admin panel is trash! This one has about the same things with better UI! The only thing you’re missing is built-in extendability (like extensions).


sure i’d try if i can :sob::sob: i hope TT


okay sure i’ll add more. the current one is F2 to open the panel


This looks amazing! Great work!

One thing I would suggest is that there isn’t enough differentiation between an element and a button in your admin panel. Maybe change the background color or add a slight corner radius?


you should add a way to add more commands

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Interesting I’m planning to add extensibility but how does it work? Am I just going to make Add Command System or module and you’re going to work on how it functions in studio?

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something like commander’s plugin feature. They have this feature that allows you to add commands:


Next update (2.0) will feature, EXTENSIBILITY, EFFECTS!

  • Add your own command! (Still actively working on)
  • Play around and add effects to apply to the players.

Better tune in! Thanks! :sparkling_heart:


Heyo, so this looked better than the other admin panels so I wanted to try it. Although the UI isn’t really my style- it looked very nice. Here’s my feedback throughout my journey using the Admin Panel:

  1. Setup is very confusing. Usually there is a module somewhere, the folder with the UserIDs isn’t the first place someone would look. It would also be nice to customize UI theme (for game branding).
  2. When in game, the open button is very large and is very invasive to the playing experience. I’d suggest adding a top bar icon instead.
  3. When clicking on the open button, I noticed the animations were extremely long. I’d suggest following fluent guidelines of using short, precise, and natural animations. Long animations make the experience feel laggy to users.
  4. When clicking on my user profile, I noticed that there were buttons custom to specific commands. This is not used in admin panels due to worries of scalability and efficiency while creating new commands, but specifically allowing games to add their own commands without having to do a bunch of witch craft moving UIs around.
  5. When exiting the profile card, it would be nice to be able to exit out by clicking outside of the UI box, this is how modals usually act.
  6. When navigating throughout the UI panel, I noticed that the navigation is extremely confusing and inaccessible, you tried a new approach however I am not sure what pages I can visit, and what the navigational hierachy is. Apple’s WWDC22 has a really nice video on navigational hierachy which I believe you would benefit from.
  7. The code could benefit from an OOP overhaul- the script execution is kinda messy.

Oh- I forgot to mention. Using the admin panel with other game UI can make it look weird due to how you blur it using BlurEffect.

(This admin panel isn’t too great for performance also)

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No worries! I read all of the feedbacks and I admit those things are the flaws of Product: exe however this will be fixed in the next 2.0 update.

The extensibility doesn’t need you to go somewhere in the ScreenGui as it will add itself to the panel. [PLANNED]

The setup may be confusing but there’s a section in this post for how to setup.

The UI customization is one of the unavoidable flaws of the product however I added it in its cons.

The open button is a last minute addition so it may look janky but again as soon as 2.0 arrived it will be worked on!

Thanks for the feedback! It helps me so much to improve for the next update!


This admin panel is awesome! But I have one concern though. How would you hide the Open button from players who don’t have access to the admin panel. It might be weird for a player to join a game and see an Open button in the corner of their screen.

I’m really sorry for the bugful release :confounded:. In version 2.0 these little bugs will be fixed!

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Navigation Menu in Version 2.0 Preview:

Your own commands, its own section:


It’s alright! Not everything is perfect when it first releases! I see a good future in this admin panel! Keep up the good work.

Nice UI! Feels like some Next.js fancy website.