Profile Bio Markdown

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to display works of mine elegantly on my profile bio, or displaying anything besides plain text at all.

While I did find a suggestion related to this here, it did not directly relate to a user’s page itself. The idea would be to allow users to use markdown text on their profile page to display different font sizes, formatting, or even embed on-site links to assets we want to show off in a gallery-like style, right from our profile.

As it is right now, the bio is an often boring part of an user’s profile, where most creativity comes from ASCII art or unicode creations. The addition of markdown to help formatting would create a more vivid feeling to an user’s page when they’ve put an effort to it, while allowing developers to show off their top works in an eye catching manner.

Moreover, this addition could give a professional look to those looking to join dev teams, by allowing them an on-site, easily accessible place to store links to their best creations and showcases to be seen by others in the search for talent.

Plain text does get boring after a while, so let’s spice it up.