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About Me


I’m a roblox developer! I started creating games in early 2018! I consider myself as advanced/good scripter. I started making games as a hobby, it was so fun to make different things move, bounce and work just like in real life! Now i offer myself as a developer for-hire. I’m the best at scripting, I can also model/build something like a map for you (not super advanced thought)! I’m also a noob UI Designer! Now i would like you to check out all the examples of my work:

I made a plugin for easy rich text tagging: RichText Easy Tag Plugin!

All of my Games!

I was making many games in the past, but only few of them has been released:

War Battles - turn based PvP game. This game requires 2 players to start a match. Overall the game is similar to the titles like “Hogs of War” and “Worms 2”.

Find the Rocks - the casual “find the …” game. I made this one because I liked to explore world in the Find the Markers game so i decided to make a similar game.

Crew Simulator - a simulator game where you send your followers to destoy different objects and you earn gold by destoying it. You can unlock new zones and open Houses to get new better followers.

UI / 2D Made by me

Scripting Examples

Please read the descriptions of the videos for some extra notes/info!
You can see my scripting skills in all of my games and also here are some prototypes of systems that i use in few of my games

My weapon system prototype: Weapon System Showcase - YouTube

My building system prototype (Made this for someone): Prop Placement Beta - YouTube

Dialog system + quest system prototype: Quest System Showcase - YouTube

A small showcase of Level Up system i made for someone (The custom character accessories system is also made by me): Level UP! - YouTube

3D Models

3D View:


I’m available as a scripter for a task (commision). I might also work long-term if I’m interested in your game.


All the prices can be negotiated, if you would like to hire me then drop a DM and we will discuss the prices. My preferred payment is robux. I only accept legal ways to transfer robux: group funds, gamepasses, T-Shirts etc.


You can contact me here, on DevForum, or on Twitter

Thanks for reading! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: