RichText Easy Tag Plugin!

RichText Easy Tag is a plugin that allows you to paste your text and easily modify it using roblox’s RichText feature!

The plugin currently supports this tags:

  • Strikethrough
  • Bold
  • Underline text
  • Italic
  • ALL of the Roblox Font types!
  • Any size you want!
  • Pick ANY Color you want using Built-in plugin color selection menu!

The Plugin does not support:

  • You can’t remove the Color/Size/Font tag by just pressing a button, so for example if you already have a 50 size tag for your text and then try to add 300 size text tag, the 300 size one will work, but 50 size won’t and 50 size one will still be there and waste a space. However it works with other tags (at least for me).

How this plugin work? You type your text and then select what part of the text you want to modify then you use the buttons at the top to give a new look for your text. You can preview how it will look and also can copy the raw text and paste it into your TextLabel or anything else!


I hate this two GIFs on gyazo, so i made the high quality video on youtube:


The plugin is currently FREE, but i may make it paid sometime in future!

Please report any bug you found.

Also ask any questions if you have any!


Amazing! Defiantly will be using this!


Bless your soul for making this

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Settings Update!

The first plugin update is here! This update features:

  • Few code optimisations. They are not seen for you, but now the code is little more clean!
  • Set the default text size. (Might be useful for someone).
  • Export feature! Press a button to export all the Raw Text into ALL selected objects that support Text. (Might be useful if you don’t want to copy the raw text and then search for the Text property in your object).

I know it’s a small update, but i wanted to have this features.

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Stunning! Will definitely be using this plugin for future work. Thank you for offering and taking the time to work on this plugin, it just makes my work way easier than before! God bless you. :wink:

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