Progress in 3D Modeling in 5-7 months [With Examples]

Hello everyone, I am Delol and I would like to show you my progress in about 7 months of weapon modeling. The progress in 7 months is not particularly good, I often did not model and did not even go into Blender or Roblox Studio.

Here is a comparison of old and new models.


Old (5 months ago)

New (slightly unfinished) (few days ago)

Glock 17/22

Old (7 months ago)

New (few days ago)


They are slightly different versions, but the difference is visible

Old (1-2 weeks ago)

New (few days ago)

So far, that’s all I’ve posted here, but I still have about 40-50+ weapon models for an example of my modeling experience.

Thanks for reading!