Prohibit callout topics

I think it’s about time that we officially prohibit callout/exposing posts on the devforum. Although the Devforum Rules do cover hate speech, I don’t believe that there’s any specification about such posts yet. Callouts in a place like this only end with excessive drama that never actually benefits anybody.

PSA: exposing other developers should not be a first option - if at all - especially if you only intend to smear the other person. Talk it out with each other and involve Roblox if necessary. Any incident can be sorted out without having to go public.


The devforum is meant to be a professional community. Making a post purely to smear another persons reputation isn’t professional or constructive so it doesn’t belong here.

However, I believe if done in a professional and constructive manner, calling out users in the development community who have continuously been disruptive or have had a history of bad dealings with no seen change is fine, as it gives a standpoint for other developers to base their future actions or dealings off.


I do believe requesting support (e.g. ‘what do i do when @someone doesn’t pay me’) on issues should be allowed. I am unsure whether naming them should be permitted, in some rare cases it may be appropriate but it could also just be abused.

Today’s drama didn’t really qualify for the above, and I think it just generally had a negative impact for everyone. I was in fact a part of it (as a mediator) and it really was just a huge mess with issues on both sides.

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Most people write callout posts with the intention to damage the other person’s reputation, people don’t normally go out of their way to genuinely warn others about poor behavior. I do agree that something considered controversial, if written with upmost maturity could be permitted on the devforum, although exposing topics are deconstructive by their own nature and are best avoided.


I wasn’t a part of any drama earlier today so I don’t know what went on, however I do agree there is a point where something goes from constructive to not okay.

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This is exactly my view.

I believe making a notice to genuinely warn other developers should be allowed, however as I said earlier there is a fine line between okay and not okay.

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Name dropping is always disallowed, whether you’re smearing or warning. Of the number of threads posted for either reason over the years, 100% of them have ended badly. It sounds like a good idea to clarify this in the rules instead of leaving it up to something more generic, so looking into that now.