Prohibit low-effort 'meme' content in Cool Creations

I have a feeling this can be misinterpreted easily by the community, as in it can be seen as okay to everyone since it is showcasing something. I think an explicit rule in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations or implicitly adding on to the “no spam”/“no memes outside of lounge” rule

since this can be misunderstood as “actual” memes like ugandan knuckles or something.

This would also help the community so that when we flag we have something to point to.


I support this. These meme topics often explode into a full blown progression series that goes nowhere towards an end goal. They often have the same set of users liking and replying and becomes a kind of community of it’s own they feed each other’s stats.

However, one issue I can see is if some beginner people are genuinely trying to get feedback, their derpy looking creation (which was not what the user intended) be counted as a meme. People shouldn’t feel discouraged to post relatively basic creations other than full blown realistic builds.


This! I’ve noticed a community of people who make many, many posts in #waywoc, sometimes getting out of hand and getting completely off-topic by spreading memes. Unsurprisingly, this “community”, has spread shot very high in terms of top users because of this feeding off each others stats. It’s frustrating because the posts are low effort, and instead of some of the amazing creations I have seen get attention, these meme topics and tiny, tiny updates get attention when they are blatant spam.

(I’m willing to share but only in DMs.)


A better feature request would be to clarify some rules on the Guidelines. I tried to flag this posts as PesZmistic said and a dissapointing messagge appeared in my screen saying: We have already reviewed this flags and determined it should not be moderated (I can’t remember the exact words of it).

PLEASE clarify this things and make a harder punishment to users who do this so they can be discouraged to continue doing this stupid topics

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I have not seen this happen on the DevForum very often since I don’t go into Cool Creations that often but people should not post memes in any category except for the lounge because it creates more clutter for us to search through and this is an issue that needs to be taken more seriously.

I have seen many amazing things in Cool Creations that show a lot of effort that do not get praised as much as memes posted on there that clutter the DevForum. This needs to be changed.

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I don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing an example of this topics since I’m not calling out anyone, just want to make things clear with what we are talking about:


That is precisely the sort of stuff I’m referring to.

@Friendly4Crafter We’re not referring to literal memes - just bad quality, effortless work intended as meme material in the hopes of garnering likes.


Dang look at all the likes this topic has and it was created today.
devforum likes
And then look at a topic of someone’s beautiful building that was posted yesterday.
devforum likes 2

This makes a lot more sense now.

It is important to note that many people who post low-quality content are relatively new to the DevForum, and have just became a member so they are not familiar with how it works.


This is true, there’s a big problem with so called “meme” topics. They are indeed low effort and bad.
And it’s the same 2 profiles that makes them, guess what? They joined about 15 days ago.

Now the weirdest things with these topics are the comments, some seem like alts others are 3-5 year old profiles. I do not think all likes/comments were honest, but there’s also the old profiles.

Either way they should be removed and prohibited, so better topics can be seen.


I agree, the developer forum is a professional environment and it should stay that way. I guess you could say this for any other category which isn’t used properly. There needs to be some more clarification when it comes to category guidelines, including what is/isn’t explicitly allowed


I definitely agree with this rule. It’s called “Cool Creations” for a reason, it’s not “Meme Creations”. Users are also contributing to the spam by also replying spam and “jokes”. Most of those replies would fit more in DMs because most of the time it’s just a conversation about how “beautiful” the “masterpiece” is. It’s like some members are using the category as a lounge to post memes.

These topics are also ‘hiding’ actual topics with at least some effort put into them. 4 ‘meme’ topics have already been created in the past 4 hours! To add on, the repliers are also bumping this topics to the top with spammy replies. One meme topic had 26 replies, some with 30.

If you want to showcase your “meme funny” model, put some effort into it or don’t post it at all.


You’re exactly right.

The largest of these topics literally has 80 likes, which is far more recognition than most genuine content receives. These entire topics are filled with generic responses such as ‘beautiful, wow’, so people clearly understand these posts are jokes, and take this as an opportunity to contribute minimal effort responses.

I’ve left a very descriptive flag on one of these topics with a link to this request, so the moderator who reviews the topic has a little more insight into what I’m referring to. Hopefully something will be done regarding this issue soon.


Well if the community likes them then I think they should be kept up, and if you don’t like them you can always just scroll past them. it’s not posted just for likes, yes it is meant to be funny but of being funny is breaking the rules then cool creations wouldn’t be the same, also memes die out being will eventually get bored of it then stop looking at it.

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I fail to see why attempts of attention grabbing, low quality humour should receive more praise and recognition than content which has had 10x the amount of effort poured into it.

If Roblox made decisions based on community consensus rather than logic, the forum would probably be a mess. Topics which show off very careless, low effort work in exchange for low effort, generic responses have no place on the forum because they are not useful to anybody.


I really think this is a matter of preference and perception, there’s nothing wrong with ‘meme’ content


Because the people that make meme content get lots of likes and replies, they do it again and again because they think it’s okay. This is a bad example to new users because they think that kind of stuff is okay. It baffles me how beautiful content made by people in many hours is overshadowed by low effort meme content slapped together in a couple minutes. I’m fine with meme content that has real effort put into it, but when it’s low effort and spammed everywhere it’s not okay.

EDIT: I just found a really high quality Japanese city in Cool Creations. The creator spent 4 hours making it. It’s sad when you realize that it has less views and replies than one of the meme topics.


There IS something wrong with that content being in this forum. This is a proffesional forum, meaning that shitpost, memes and jokes shouldn’t be posted here. Specifically there is a rule for this that @incapaz already posted here:


I remember the feedback of liking instead of replying. Definitely inapplicable in those posts where some replies are like yeah go queen :randomeoji:.


That’s why I said it’s also a matter of perception. What falls under ‘meme’ content for you may not fall under meme content for moderation, or even the person posting it.


Intention, not perception, is what matters. These topics are clearly made only to get a laugh out of readers, that is all moderation needs to know, the intentions of the post.