Prohibit low-effort 'meme' content in Cool Creations

There IS something wrong with that content being in this forum. This is a proffesional forum, meaning that shitpost, memes and jokes shouldn’t be posted here. Specifically there is a rule for this that @incapaz already posted here:


I remember the feedback of liking instead of replying. Definitely inapplicable in those posts where some replies are like yeah go queen :randomeoji:.


That’s why I said it’s also a matter of perception. What falls under ‘meme’ content for you may not fall under meme content for moderation, or even the person posting it.


Intention, not perception, is what matters. These topics are clearly made only to get a laugh out of readers, that is all moderation needs to know, the intentions of the post.


One of the examples used as meme content in the OP was
“This is a ART style. The BEST art style of the year!”

This may be an extravagant title but I wouldn’t quite consider it meme material. Meme content should only be banned if there are clear guidelines on what “meme” content is. I don’t think you can quite gauge the intentions of someone online unless there is a clear indicator which some of the examples do not provide.


I’m sorry but the OPs of examples like the one shown in @DavidNet22’s post clearly show they do not care about feedback, they know people are going to be ironic so they won’t put actual effort into their creation because they know they’ll be bombarded with likes. It’s pretty clear.


It’s difficult to prove intent with posts about creations. Unless they make it obvious, “intentionally low effort” is nearly impossible to prove.


it appears that DET has already reviewed many of the posts that this topic considers low effort and has deemed them to be acceptable. When you try to flag these topics, you get “Thanks, but we’ve already reviewed that post and determined it does not need to be flagged again.”


tbh there are many posts in cool creations that i could consider low effort, but it’s really up to the skill level of the dev. For example, I see many logos being uploaded with just text and an outline and to me that seems like low effort, something that any experienced logo maker could do in a couple of seconds, but I know that for others, it might have taken them minutes and it might be the best that they are capable of :>
it’s hard to draw the line on what low effort and “memey” is due to the subjective nature of these terms. as for the memey bit, it’s hard to know the intent of the dev and control the attraction it gains. Assuming that the dev of the “memey” posts just wanted to show off his creations without harmful intent, it’s fine, but the attraction and reaction it gains may cause it to seem “memey” and “low effort”


The users in question are clearly posting low effort creations for the sake of being funny, rather than to look for feedback or to show off something they’re proud of. It’s attention seeking behavior and belongs on a website like Reddit, not the Developer Forum.

These users should create one megathread for all of their funny-haha nonsense creations instead of making a new thread for a single image of something meant only to get cheap laughs and likes.


This should become a rule and it should be enforced. It’s currently worded as a suggestion.


I kind of love to look at these replies as it’s funny.

Agreed, these shouldn’t be a thing. These replies should be not allowed at all, I do think they kind of fit into DM use instead, because in DMS, you don’t necessarily need to use full grammar if you don’t need to, and if both parties are fine with it. DM’s are just an environment for many to be less serious and more comforting, as they’re not using full grammar, and grammar mistakes are more accepted in that environment, a lot of people aren’t native English speakers and sometimes have trouble with stuff like that;

I do think these fit into not necessary replies though, “low effort meme content” is not really accurate, it’s mostly more cute-like messages like those;


I found the exact same topic that @soupbuilds was talking about, and I realized that the replies of these “meme” topics are actually even more off-topic than the original post. Just take a look at these:

These topics are obviously created just to boost DevForum stats, which really doesn’t make any sense considering that they don’t really matter. Just look at the stats from this one:


Now it’s important not to call out these particular users, because some of them might be doing this because they might be new to building and they just want to show off their work, but the problem is when they repeatedly spam topics (usually up to twice a day) on Cool Creations that feature low-quality builds/models. These things would honestly be a better thing to post on waywoc where less clutter is being shown, and so there are less off-topic replies.


I agree with this now. The people who post this content are preventing me from getting feedback on my builds. :pensive:


To be neutral here.

At the very least, if moderation can’t be done about it,
they could get their own area to separate it.

But I dunno if that’s a solution, considering
the argument this * is * a (usually) professional forum.

I have to disagree. While the comments aren’t constructive, there are various people who find them funny.
We (as creators) without the regulars role, are heavily restricted to our forums without the lounge. Meme content once and awhile is normal for any platform. Prohibiting it is like making this a military (lack of better example).

Cool creations isn’t exactly for build feedback. While yes, people share feedback, isn’t that the purpose of #help-and-feedback:building-support?

While some of these posts seem very meme-y and like stat boosters, you also have to think some people may share the same damn humor and appreciate it. Restricting creative freedom is not what Roblox is about and this forum is for all developers of all kind, despite their skill level, likeness, and ideas.

But they can always post it in the #waywoc. The posts are so short and insignificant, you might as well call it spam.


Where did you get this from? It is explicitly encouraged to use #help-and-feedback:cool-creations for feedback. #help-and-feedback:building-support and any other support category is for requesting help on an issue.

These meme topics get more traction than actual topics, so it is reasonable for them to not be allowed. And #waywoc exists


Sorry, didn’t exactly know. Thank you for correcting me. I don’t use those categories on the forum at all, just assumed ! :slight_smile:


I just saw this in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations.

It has the same old “11/10 stars amazing” type replies. I hope we don’t see a resurgence in these types of posts.

EDIT: Just noticed that someone made a sick logo in cool creations (sick as in good). 2 likes. This topic has no less than 20 likes.