Prohibit low-effort 'meme' content in Cool Creations

You should be safe, we are talking about people posting low-effort content on #help-and-feedback:cool-creations. Look at the examples above.

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I believe it should be kept as a suggestion. Sometimes these “low-effort” posts can benefit from some satirical in-depth feedback.

I personally believe they should still be all in a single mega topic, as someone suggested earlier. Since this topic was first made, several of the users that regularly did this eventually got permanently suspended, and the author of the intentionally poorly-drawn builderman was immediately suspended after the topic was taken down, so it looks like Developer Engagement is really cracking down on those kinds of topics. Props to them! :clinking_glasses:

So I believe this issue has died down for now.


Yeah, it’s honestly really sad since a lot of people put hard work into it

There’s plenty of other platforms you can post memes on or via a DM.

That’s definitely a meme, wouldn’t be surprised if they taken it off Google Images, I don’t honestly understand why people are posting positive replies instead of leaving criticism for stuff like this.

Definitely support this rule, unless there is clear actual effort then these CC posts should be taken down.

I agree, the replies are half the problem. Let’s look through some of the replies of the builderman topic:





Now let’s see how many likes the posts got:

Just like with troll topics, the replies either praise it or encourage it. People who make meme content often do it as a “like-farm” because they only care about stats, even though most of us could care less about our stats.

If you see any meme topics, please flag them.


This rule only applies to #feature-requests

Notice how it says these topics shouldn’t be posted anywhere except Lounge. So it applies everywhere.

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Yet the rule is in the ‘feature request specific rules’ they should really make this a general rule as most people don’t read the category specific rules, if they’re not posting there.

I pretty much agree with what you’re saying; however, I’d like to say that the likes shouldn’t be something to focus so much on. The section was created for feedback, likes only exist to show how many people agree/like what they posted(hence the name), the only reason why people are liking these posts, are because they are funny to them and ironic, because the builds are garbage, yet they say that it’s fine because they’re just joking and having fun. It’s really annoying, but hey, this is what happens when you open the forums to thousands of idiots who just want bragging rights.

Yet another meme / low effort post.

It also includes the generic “I spent 1 hour on this masterpiece it took forever” kind of reply.

I honestly wish cool creations wasn’t full of meme content bc its just annoying at this point. I only go to that category to find some interesting stuff but most of the time I end up finding stuff like this :neutral_face:

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I thought this was abstract art why does it count as a low quality post?

It doesn’t look like abstract art, and even if it was what the author intended, it’s pretty bad abstract art.