Project 1000 Animations (Part 4)

Oh boy I’m back again this is so scary why am I doing this its scares people why :pensive:

This time I don`t have as much as I have on the other posts. I just did not have enough time to do stuff : )

Here is the Third Part

Feedback on Improvements will be nice

Read before you ask me a certain thing

Don’t ask if I’m for hire. I have a Portfolio SO READ IT BEFORE YOU GODDAM ASK ME. I’m tired of people keep asking me if I’m for hire. Just keep track of the Portfolio. If you ask me here I won’t respond.

Other Info

Will I release the 1000 Animations?
Yeah, I will. One selected amount will be Free and One selected amount will cost Robux.

Can you sell these animations for your own gain?
Please don`t cuz then you are making money off my Work. You are allowed to use the animations in your game with Credit of course : ).

When is this gonna be finished?
I simply do not know when I’m gonna be done with this.

12 why is everything upside down

13 one fight idle move which is smoother


Great I love this, I love what you did here!!!

Keep the great work up my fellow Robloxain!!!

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