PromptBundlePurchase() is broken

There are currently two issues with PromptBundlePurchase:

Issue 1

People are able to re-purchase a bundle that they already own.

Expected behaviour is that this popup should appear:

However if you prompt yourself to purchase a bundle that you already own, it does not show this. It asks you to buy the bundle again. Luckily you aren’t charged any robux when re-purchasing, however this allows users to fire the PromptBundlePurchaseFinished event multiple times with wasPurchased=true

Issue 2

When prompting someone to purchase a bundle that they do not have enough balance for, it shows them the buy button.

Expected behaviour is that a popup asking the user to purchase robux should appear, like this:

However, bundles are currently showing the purchase button, and it states that the user will have a negative robux balance after purchasing:

Now when I do click purchase, the purchase does fail:

HOWEVER some users are able to click purchase, and the PromptBundlePurchaseFinished event fires with wasPurchased=true despite the user not receiving the item (as they don’t have enough robux balance for it). They are able to do this multiple times too, spamming the PurchaseFinished event with wasPurchased=true


This seems directly related: Can purchase duplicate items in-game