Proper GUI rendering

Im running on an iPad Air 2, which has a gorgeous 2k resolution. That being said, the text here (which is VERY visible on my PC) is hideous. It’s all on SurfaceGUIs and I think that the GUIs in general (maybe the game itself as well) render things at a lower resolution then upscale.

I understand why you would do this with 3D, but you please let us render GUI in native resolution? Our game Ui’s look like they were cheaply made in 2005 for some flash game.

Just wanted to clarify one more time that the font size isn’t the issue. These tiny letters are crisp and easy to read from far away on PC.


Try changing text/stroke transparency on mobile devices - making the text more opaque may help a lot with reading clarity.

Overall though, I’m fairly sure this is because ROBLOX renders at a stupid resolution like 360p and then upscales to your device’s resolution. I think there’s a device-level configuration per-app though, if you can root your device.

I already mentioned font size isn’t the issue.

I want roblox to allow our octa-core devices to render 2D text in native resolution.

I wasn’t talking about font size? I was talking about its opacity.

That’s related to font size. Making it thicker is also making it bigger.

Can’t you change the resolution of SurfaceGuis?


Or is that not enough for this case?

They’re set to 800*800 and 1500x800.

Again, this isn’t anything that’s my fault. We need proper rendering for something so basic.

I agree, but you can try playing with CanvasSize + FontSize to get the best possible results (for now).

I already mentioned that I’m not changing anything to look good on mobile.

sorry for the sass, just really annoying that people have to suggest I make something uglier just to get around something roblox purposefully implemented.

I didn’t say make it uglier. You have access to the TouchEnabled, you don’t have to change anything for PC. By not playing with canvas/font size, you’re already making it uglier than it could potentially be.

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If you’re using surface GUIs that may not be possible since they have to draw to the 3D world.

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GUI objects aren’t rendered like 3D objects, are they? :open_mouth:

Why wouldn’t they be?

Because they don’t collect any attributes of the 3D stuff. No lighting would be my biggest guess.

Either way we should have proper GUI rendering >:O

Surface GUIs are applied in a texture-like way in the 3D environment, I don’t know if it’s possible in their pipeline to have a different sampling rate on the GUI and not on the rest of the 3D environment, but my best guess would be no.

That text is barely readable if at all but you should try fiddling with CanvasSize + FontSize even if it makes it slightly better. That would be better than nothing for now.

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I figure that if you want a game to be mobile compatible, you’re going to have to work to make it mobile compatible. ROBLOX already does a lot to make most things pretty seamless but you probably can’t expect the PC version to work on mobile exactly the same, so try things like other people have suggested (Changing canvas size)

How about we work on anti-alias, having rotation not be a pain to position with, and rotated object clipping first.

It’s best to keep feature requests on-topic, if you want to suggest those you should make a different thread (look if it’s been requested already first), since it’s not related to this issue.

Aside from that, the third issue you mention has infeasible algorithms for dynamic objects which can be changed in real-time.

And your reply doesn’t add anything to this conversation either, don’t be critical and then do exactly what you were saying not to. But no rotational clipping is quite feasible for Roblox especially with their capacity for 2d objects.