Proper real time sorting for the studio's explorer

It is currently annoying to organize your code and assets properly in the explorer.

Roblox currently appears to order objects as they were when added to the explorer, and then sort them alphabetically when the game is re-opened. This is not ideal.

For example, say you had a list of modulescripts you wanted executed in order
Here you can see they are listed randomly, and there’s no way to fix it without either restarting studio, manually re-parenting the scripts one by one, or renaming them and copy pasting their code. A simple refresh button would sort them alphabetically.

There are also times you may want to sort things non-alphabetically, though.
Maybe you have a framework that has folders and subfolders for different sections of the game that will run.
It would be more intuitive for the Setup to be above the other two, as it will run first.

Adding manual sorting would make it much more intuitive to organize, allowing you to order things in a way that hints as to how they will be used. At minimum a refresh button or a constant refresh would be appreciated, but allowing the user to manually sort them would be ideal.

It would be especially nice if the way it was sorted was reflected in the table returned by :GetChildren(), but I imagine this would require a restructure of the way roblox stores save data, and wouldn’t be worth the trouble.


It worked great when levels were 3000 blocks tops. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find I often want the Explorer pane to work like a hierarchical scene graph instead of a giant bag of everything that is in my level.

There is room to make it a lot smarter contextually, based on what I’m doing in the main 3D window.

I don’t like how scripts get lost in there along with my geometry. Code and geometry should be separate and be browsed separately.

I don’t think it is a good idea to make execution order of scripts have anything to do with the order they appear in the Studio interface. Code should be written in such a way that it doesn’t care about this.


I could see manual sorting being quite useful. Godot Engine has manual sorting (also works as a ZIndex system for some classes) which is really nice sometimes.

The issue I see with this is how alphabetical and manual would be handled at the same time. Both have their uses, but it’d be weird having some sort hybrid system.

Maybe sorting is alphabetical by default with room for manually sorted objects? But then eh that would be weird to use and implement.

I think a refresh button for the explorer would do.

As for script execution…

A way to see when stuff is ready to be used is really all we need aside from that script explorer (yes please btw).