Properties Window Minimum Width Size High for Small Resolution Screens

The properties window takes loads of space now and it used to be smaller. It now takes up more than half of the screen. This is basically only affecting people with smaller screen resolutions since people with bigger screen resolutions work perfectly fine.

This bug happens 99% of the time. I was scripting in studio, and I changed the minimum width size and it got reverted randomly. When I restarted studio, the bug became apparent again.

Open any Roblox place, and it’ll have this bug if you have a smaller screen resolution.
I cannot make the properties window any smaller horizontally:

This bug happened around last Wednesday & Thursday at September 11-12.

My screen resolution is 1366x768.

I use Windows 10
My OS Build is 18362.476
My Windows version is 1903

My friend is also having this problem, and I asked on Twitter and other people also seem to have this problem.

There have been also problems with other windows in Roblox Studio, like the Toolbox.

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Highly likely related to this issue:

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