Reduce the toolbox's minimum width so it uses less screen space

As a Roblox developer, developing on Studio has became a bit more unpleasant after the ability to edit assets was recently enabled in studio due to the Toolbox’s new size constraints.

The Toolbox now occupies a larger minimum screen space (~365 px), and since my screen resolution is already small (1366x768), the viewport and code editor become restricted to a smaller portion of my screen turning development sessions uncomfortable if I do not hide the Toolbox.


The viewport:

The code editor:

The issue is not as perceptible on higher resolutions, but it gets progressively worse as resolutions are lowered, making development on smaller screens extremely cumbersome. The only solution and possible workflow in this case is to toggle the Toolbox off while developing and to briefly turn it on whenever inserting an asset is needed.

If we could resize the Toolbox to resolutions smaller than its current minimum, our development experience and performance would be greatly improved as this arbitrary restriction would not hamper the workflow.


I can fully agree with this request, using my old laptop a few years ago was infuriating on a tiny monitor, I had basically 1/3rd toolbox 1/3rd properties and 1/3 studio like a rectangle


I was gonna make a post for this exact issue as soon as my studio updated!

As a developer, this disrupts my workflow, as I always have toolbox as a tab in this portion of my studio.

The toolbox has always had a minimum size of 3 columns, and suddenly making it 4 takes up a lot more space. There are better solutions to having 4 tabs than to force the space for them by restricting the minimum size of the toolbox.


Thank goodness people agree. I like the intent of the update, but forcing the size to be so wide is not helpful for my workflow.

There’s more than enough space between the icons to let it shrink down.


I didn’t notice this until I was forced to use my laptop, that has a lower resolution, while I was away from home. This is really annoying and forces me to close it when doing anything other than inserting my assets, I don’t see why it should be forced to be so wide.


Even on my 1920x monitor this change is infuriating for my workflow, as there’s no where I can place the new toolbox without it taking up more of the game window.


Toolboxes should be able to shrink all the way down to one item per row.


Wanted to bump this thread up because its still a problem for me on my school laptop.

The problem is that these tab buttons on top have a fixed width of 90 pixels each. If the tabs used a scaled width of 0.25 each, the overall width can be reasonably crunched down to 270 pixels:


This should now be fixed the next time you open Studio.


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