Protect your remote events and client scripts?

Greetings. Now the problem in remote events is how to protect them and limit the client’s ability to do things such as change currency using remote events. My questions are:
Is there a possibility to encrypt a client script, or at least make it almost impossible for the people with spy exploits to access it?
Is there any possibility to protect remote events in the explorer, client scripts, and server scripts?

This has been asked so many, many times.

No, you can’t.

Only securing remote events with sanity checks, server-side is the only side you can guard without any need to encrypt.

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No. Anything accessible to the client can be tampered with. You should instead focus on a better client <-> server architecture by not trusting the client with vital information such as points.

Server scripts are protected. Roblox does not send the bytecode of those to the client at all; there is no reason for them to.

Exploiters finding out what your remotes do should not matter if your backend is secure.

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