Protecting Intellectual Property When Using Generative AI

What’s that quote about an environment in which it’s not safe to disagree, something like that.

You don’t have an ACTUAL basis other that acting applaud that I would dare to disagree with you.

I really don’t care if you prioritize money, to me, that’s an unhealthy way to live.

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AI imagery is supposed to be used as a tool to make concepts to generate ideas, not used for a lazy person’s final product.

You’re encouraging people to put artists with actual talents out of business so they can use stolen and merged imagery to dodge copyright?

At this point, we should just pull the plug entirely on the internet and go back to the old days before it even existed.

Unless there are regulations that forbids AI from being used for both a final product and/or used for advertisements, Then I say we actually talented artists who don’t require AI to make anything good are being left in the mess made by unimaginative, talentless and lazy nobodies who are clearly going to use this for their Low Quality, Cash-grab, Clickbait games.

If Leonardo da Vinci “A well known Artist and Inventor of the 14th century” was alive and he saw all the AI imagery, He would actually invent a time machine, go back in time to 2022, slap the face of the guy who made the AI imagery tool in the first place and tell them that it’s a bad idea and can put actually talented people out of work.

This platform is supposed to be filled with USER GENERATED Games, not AI generated games.

GET IT RIGHT! :man_facepalming:


Ah yes. Let’s put the money as not “needed”. That includes not paying money for your internet bills, food, and the laptop/pc for you to access on to chat with us. You can give all your money to me.


I think this AI thing for textures can help me and others out a lot when trying to find new and original textures.


And you haven’t given an actual benefit to copyright being eliminated.

You may not prioritize money, but for people like us trying to make a living, with bills to pay, and who want to be able to continue doing what we do, then it’s the lifeblood to make sure we can keep doing what we do.

You may not prioritize money, but like it or not, society demands we need it to survive.

I may not lose what I create, but I sure can lose the rewards that I rightfully earned from my time and effort.

And I, like any other person making a living, want to see my work, my efforts, protected from people who would rob me of what I rightfully worked for.

If you cannot recognize that, then there’s no point in continuing this discussion. Continue living in this dream world of yours where people can continue their lives without needing to maintain and protect their livelihoods. Just hope you never need to wake from that dream.

You’re completely safe to disagree with me, nothing is going to happen to you, as I am safe to call your opinion stupid because it is stupid. I gave you a reason and you chose to ignore it. Copyright exists to protect creators from the theft of their art. Because art theft not only effects the artist, but others as well. Quite literally, art theft is how scammers thrive. It exists to protect my bottom line and ensure that I earn what I rightfully worked for so that I may continue to survive in our increasingly hellish society.

I reiterate, and as my business partner Scylen so eloquently put it, you can continue to live in a fantasy world where money doesn’t matter to you (more than likely you’re a child anyways with no responsibilities beyond picking up after your dog and taking out the trash), but here in the real world, money is everything and it decides whether I eat tomorrow or not.

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You can think for yourself can’t you?

Since you have already formed an opinion, I don’t have to explain my view, you oppose my view already so you should already know what my view is.

If you DON’T know my reasons why I believe in copyright abolition, then sit down.

-Maybe stop telling me that I’m wrong when you don’t know what I am wrong about.

Like I said to your friend, chill out with your hot take. You have nothing to disagree with, you don’t know the reasons I oppose copyright.

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AI is needed and has many advantages (I know this as I took a lesson on advantages and disadvantages) Without AI we wouldnt be able to have automated jobs.

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Then enlighten us.

Rosaria and I are willing to put our reasons up for scrutiny and debate, because we believe our stance to be justified.

Opinions can be changed, and I am not so obstinant as to be unwilling to hear a counterpoint.

So I’m inviting you to back up your position.

You want me to sit down? Very well, give me a reason to.

Unless of course, you’re worried your reasons won’t stand up to scrutiny, in which case I will have no choice but to conclude you’re being contrarian for the sake of being one, all bark and no substance.

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What’s the case for a shape generated using AI entirely outside of Roblox and then manually recreated by hand using parts? I have done exactly this before Roblox had any AI tools, just for minor wall decorations and stuff in projects I never finished, but I figured it’s worth asking regardless.

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