Proximity prompt not showing


I really need some help. Im using a proximity prompt and I’m trying to make it so that when you hold it you collect it. Right now I have a grouped model. When I insert a proximity prompt it doesn’t appear. This is due to the weld constraints I have in every block(you may ask me to union the model but theres a transparent part that will make all the other parts transparent or itself not transparent). Is there some way to fix this? Also I tried to take out the weed constraint and it worked but I really need the weld for my model.



I also used a proximity prompt before and i also had problems the first time i ever used it so try these things:

• Make sure there isn’t a part in front of it even an invisible part can block it.
• Look in the properties if the radius of seing it is far enough so you can see it so try to set it on 10 or something like that.
• Make the part where the proximity prompt is in transoarent cause this can also be the problem you can also make a transparent part in front of the thing where you wanna put it.

I hope this works for you let me know if not.



I already did these things. I still think its related to the weld constraint. Im not sure though.