prTESTAQ: User Interface, Terrain, Lighting (Closed)

Thank you so much dude, but in general I think people just look at some of the examples and then they come to a conclusion about me. thanks for reading and stay safe out there!!!

Edit: I love your terrain work, it looks absolutely gorgeous


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Hey guys, big announcement today, I have removed the UI section completely off of my portfolio, though if you want, I could do UI for you

The reason I removed it is that, I need a better program, and I honestly don’t have the kind of money to pay for photoshop, and my parents won’t do it either, so until I can dev ex enough for Photoshop, or find another program the UI section is gone (Maybe temporary, maybe not),

In the meantime, feel free to order anyone of my other services :grin:

have a good day and stay safe guys!!!

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Just wanted to say that prTESTAQ is a really great terrain artist, as I have been very impressed by there skill and enthusiasm!.

One thing I would recommend is to tone down the amount of watermarks. I’m missing a lot of the UI from it
@prTESTAQ, you may want to check out Quad spinner Gaea for your terrain-never used it but heard good things about it.
You may want to swap around the terrain as the 3rd is the most impressive.

@Bac_Stab sadly, we live in a day and age in which even the most strongest watermarks can be photoshopped, so I have to keep those, I tried my best, and I am thinking of trying Gaea when Christmas comes

I am impress by your work. You have improved so much I wish the best if luck :slight_smile:

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Sadly true.
You may want to delete every other row as I can see it is a good UI but not the details.

Thank you so much, I am glad you like it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: have a good day and stay safe

and I am still open everyone to anyone that wants to hire me!!!

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Hey everyone! Today I made a simulator Icon package, I hope you like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

More updates to come soon!!!

I would make the plus buttons separate from the icons. (I’m not big on the overlay) Also, the gradient is a lot to take in.

Thank you for your feedback, believe it or not, most people actually like this style, but I will try to make another one off of what you said :smile:

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Hey everyone! Today I made another example, this one was actually a commission, but due to the client trying to scam me I decided to make it an example instead! Enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@prTESTAQ I got better GUI’s Beginner GUI Artist (free for now)
XD jk

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Very nice, I am glad to hear that you are doing better! and I hope you succeed good luck!

I love everything here but I think you could add more different trees and tone down the sunrays, other than that, I love all the work here! Keep up the work and you will find success one day!


ha thanks, that build is really old, and I am already kinda successful but thanks for the feedback it’s appreciated :smile:

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Friendly and does the job quickly and accurately, highly creative worth to pay more. I highly recommend @prTESTAQ

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Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you :grin:

Added another example, this one was a side project of mine had fun making it :smile:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with your work. I think your good, and experienced at what you do. Good luck for future commissions!

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