prTESTAQ: User Interface, Terrain, Lighting (Closed)

If people want, I can provide scripting examples through PMs and what are we doing lets stop arguing,

I generally don’t prioritize scripting since I have had like 0 commissions for it, and I am excited to see some of your work examples @KingGusPlays!

Have a good day! And Stay Safe!

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This guy is so goddamn amazing. He finished the job in Under a day. I reccomend anyone to hire him

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Thank you I really enjoyed working with you! And I hope to work with you again if possible :smile:

Added another example, I took a look at Adobe Photoshop’s subscription page and made something similar, used brighter lighter colors, and experimented with shadows on the X axis.

Hope you enjoy it

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I reccomend you to use stroke for the above image text’s because its hard to read them Bright background with bright text color

Indeed, but I just put placeholder text there, I will probably fix it

but I probably won’t since I think it looks fine, and I got the light theme I was going for

have a good day and stay safe :grinning:

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Nice UIs! May I ask what plugins do you use in Figma?


answered that in PM’s :smile: thank you for your compliment, appreciated

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  • Updated the UI section

  • Altered the title and didn’t remove but set aside programming (That’s the reason why it’s not there on the title)

  • Removed Logos

I am interested in hiring you for some basic lighting touch up in a small lobby I’ve created. I have sent you a friend request on discord @ iiTypixalGmrii#5332

The pirate UI, credit where credit is due, the concept was adapted from @ chenami another UI designer in the community, have a good day.

prTESTAQ is a very good Lighting artist, was able to improve lighting in my Lobby. If you are looking for a good Lighting artist prTESTAQ should be your first go to artist!

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Everyone, it might take a little while for me to update my work because of personal reasons but I will get around to it, have a good one.

Edit: Terrain Section and Misc. Posts Section update

Have a good day, and stay safe.

Added 2 new examples to the UI section, sorry for inactivity, and I am still closed but feedback is always welcome :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I have some sad news, I will not be taking anymore terrain commissions, only User Interface, and not even those atm since I’m closed, it’s just becoming too much, I guess you could say I’m “retiring” lol, it was really hard making this decision, though I chose to come through in the end, I will only commission for User Interface now, the terrain section is for show.

I might open later like in summer or something, but I can’t handle terrain commissions right now, I hope you understand.

I’ll be around the forum though, feel free to discuss anything with me anytime :slightly_smiling_face:

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Btw, this is most likley temporary, so yeah, just had to say that before people render me useless XD

Yo, I’m back, thanks to roblox fixing itself, (hint hint, heightmaps) I might slowly over time, start reopening, just thought I’d tell you guys, also, btw, I can create some pretty large scale terrain now, new example in the terrain section, so to those of you with large map needs, I can meet your expectations.

Anyway, catch you later.
Bye, have a wonderful day.

I added you on Discord.

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Would be happy to talk to you, added you back