PS4 Controllers do not support HapticService

This is kind of a feature request, since it doesn’t exist and is not a bug.

When I was working on my game which is going to support controllers (for hopefully Xbox One compatibility), I found this out the hard way. Turns out ROBLOX does not Dualshock 4 controller as having compatible vibrators. No idea is this is because they are checking in the wrong spot, or it just hasn’t been added in yet. After I found this out, I decided to connect via USB instead of Bluetooth, still didn’t work.

Anyways, support for Dualshock 4 controllers being able to access vibrations would be amazing. (Maybe it’s already being worked on for ROBLOX for PS4? :D)


I bet it’s on their to-do list. I’m not surprised it isn’t supported yet though.

I used HapticService with my Dualshock 3 and it worked fine. The third party driver is supposed to emulate the behaviour of an XBox controller.

Yes but normal people who play with one would probably be not using one of those drivers.

Dualshock 4 has official Windows drivers? Last I checked there was no super easy way of getting a Dualshock 3 to work.

But Dualshock 4 should most definitely have support for HapticService if it hasn’t already.

I don’t know, I haven’t looked into it- and drivers for Mac are limited. This is more a feature request than a bug request. Not looking for a solution.

With PS4 controllers, you don’t really need any drivers to play, since it’s able to be paired over Bluetooth or directly via USB.

Could this be a mac-specific thing? I just tried my brothers PS4 controller on his computer real quick on Windows 7 and it worked fine after installing DS4Windows

I did some searchin’ on the subject and found this

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dinput controllers (DS3, DS4, ect) only recently became plug in play / roblox only recently started supporting dinput. Haptic feedback with dinput devices is probably soon to come without the need for xinput wrappers.

DS4 and DS3 controllers don’t have official windows drivers, nor to most dinput devices. If you run any dinput device through a good xinput wrapper then you’re probably going to get working haptic feedback. Shout out to roblox for getting us one step closer to not needing wrappers.

woops I replied to anon80475429 not the OP my bad.