[PSA] Common Practices that Shouldn't be Done on the Forums

Over the past few months, I’ve seen many posts that are bad practice or straight-up spam. I’m going to talk about each section briefly, and what you shouldn’t and should be doing. Keep in mind that I might get some things wrong, and correct me if I do:

Basic forum knowledge

1. Use google and the search bar before making a thread

2. Don’t make a thread in an instant if you run into a problem

3. Refrain from using emojis in your title

4. No clickbait titles

5. Don’t delete your post once it’s solved

6. Don’t make duplicate threads, no matter the situation

7. Don’t reply “Thank you for helping”, that’s what the like button is for

8. Don’t post for likes

9. Don’t repeat posts

I’ve seen this a lot, especially in the announcement categories, where people just say “OMG THANK YOU FOR THIS” when clearly 100 other people said it.

Scripting Support

I’m going to start with the most corrupted category of all, scripting support.

1. Don’t post screenshots of code

This one is very self-explanatory: if you post screenshots of code, it is much harder to debug your code, because instead of copy and pasting, we have to type some 100 lines out.

2. Don’t bump your threads

Bumping your thread is against the rules. Stop replying to your own post, edit the OP instead.

3. Don’t make spoon feed topics

By far the biggest problem of all. People just post their code and expect us to fix it. It doesn’t work like that, although, simpler solutions could be “spoon-fed” because there is just one spelling error, bigger problems, like “How to make a piggy game”, should not be spoon feed topics. Instead, you should try it out, and any problems you encounter shall you post in script support, regarding the fact that we’re here to guide you, not give you answers.

4. Stop blaming people for not reading your post

Although sometimes they don’t read your actual problem, most of the time they do. You might think your post makes a lot of sense, it does, for you only. But some other people might not understand. You might want to get your problem over with as fast as possible, but having a vague, unexplained thread will worsen matters.

5. Don’t reply if you don’t know the answer

If you don’t know the answer, refrain from replying to minimize post bloat. No one wants to read false posts. If you accidentally post something, there is always the delete button

Other feedback Categories

1. Use Cool-Creations for feedback

Building support and art design support is used for problems, while cool creations is used for feedback, there is a clear difference. This issue is getting better but still happens.

2. Code review is for reviewing code only

Don’t put scripts that don’t work in this category, that’s what scripting support is for. Code review is for already working code that you think can use some editing for efficiency

3. Use game design support for problems, support, or other things regarding development

I’ve still seen some people posting in scripting support building support, and other support categories not knowing it’s the wrong category to. Posts such as “Are syringe images allowed on roblox” does not belong in art design support, but game design support.

Recruitment categories

1. Please use proper capitalization in your portfolio titles

I’ve seen a lot of portfolio titles like:

[for hire] gfx designer for hire

Properly capitalize it:

[For Hire] GFX Designer for Hire

2. Don’t say “Experienced” and whatnot in your portfolio titles

These should be said in the description of your thread.

3. Don’t make threads in portfolios if you don’t have much experience

This one will be a bit harsh on some people, but bear with me. People who make portfolios before even half a year of expertise have almost no skill that that subject. not to be rude, but, it’s true. Unless you have enough experience, don’t post in portfolios.

Here’s an example of a good portfolio:

4. Recruitment threads should be well explained and pre planned

Plan what you are going to make before making a recruitment thread. Don’t just say:

Hi, we’re so and so studios, and we are hiring a scripter for our game

Explain it well, here is an example of a good recruitment thread:


1. Don’t just post models

2. Make sure that your resource has not been made before, and if it has, make sure it is better

3. Make sure your resource is well explained

Here are some threads regarding the resources category:

Hopefully, this thread can change how the forum is run.

Thank you for reading!


Regarding #5, you cannot delete a post once it’s solved. Deleting a post can only be done until it locks, which happens when like 5 minutes pass or when someone replies.

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Honestly, this thread should be pinned to this forum.

This is the one thing that I don’t understand though. I agree with the description but not the title. I don’t know what you mean by “Stop blaming people for not reading your post”, are you suggesting that people don’t need to read the post in whole to construct a reply?

Another pro tip: When you’re linking a thread, make sure to link the thread (only one number in the URL) instead of a specific reply (two numbers, like you did here).


What generally happens is the OP will wipe out their content the second their problem is solved by changing their title to something like [This post is deleted] and the body of the post to similar.

Self-vandalism is against the rules so if anyone sees a post like that it can be flagged for restoration and the OP will get feedback

If someone provides a vague question, expecting someone to answer it, chances are they are going to get it wrong. Why? Because they don’t have enough info so that someone can solve their problem. When they get it wrong, their first instinct is to tell them that they are wrong, and that they should understand it before replying.

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This post deserves to be pinned, for a day at least.
Let’s just make what happens in a nutshell, when one breaks some of the 'Basic forum knowledge rules
(This is meant to be funny)

“dis person didn’t even know dat these type o topic existed, gotta flag flag flag”

“wel guys me jus solved mah problem be4 u did lololol”

" is dis person a kid, or is he a social media addict"

“yep, me was rite, teh person is a kid”***

“me also has same problem, don delet :(((”

“its flagging tim! gonna flag flag flag!”

“me vants to hav teh mos liks in dis forums”


Yes, that’s it, so basically this is what happens in a nutshell, I know I too have quite broken these but whatever, also I still don’t know why isn’t there a showcase category, except for a topic which is made like every year.

Just me but I’ve never seen titles with emojis or people attempting to rewrite their title as [Deleted] after a solution :thinking:

I’ve recently seen deleted posts in the Scripting Support category so are those the posts that were solved then deleted after? I thought the user just made a mistake posting and simply deleted it.

You can’t, trust me I tried

If you don’t mind can you put these in the OP?
(only if you think it’s appropriate to do so)

I see a lot of Portfolio sometimes with images but no game link, sometimes with game links but no images… I don’t understand why you can’t provide both

I see a lot of Portfolio saying that they have years of experience but has nothing to show for it… are you joking?

I see a lot of Portfolio with “Prices are negotiable” but doesn’t provide any real prices… what am I suppose to Negotiate?!

I see a lot of Threads with obvious, [HIRING], [OPEN], [FOR HIRE] in the Title … DUH why else would you post in #collaboration!? (if it’s closed then I’d understand)

This isn’t a matter of intelligence but effort… c’mon write Portfolios like you actually want to get the job

There are so many issue with how people write articles … I rather not go down that black hole.

I’m glad you brought this up @VegetationBush, I really hope that people will improve their Threads and have higher standards after this goes viral.


Something I would like to add is:

Please don’t be a mini-mod, I know it can b tempting a few times I’ve been so sorely tempted too, but just don’t however infuriating it is to watch some conversations, mini-modding is only more infuriating to see.

Just flag the post, or if you can’t resist debate it in the offending user’s DMs


I definitely agree that this a problem. About a year ago, I made a resource on creating topics after seeing multiple posts with bad practice.