PSA: Write Better Portfolios

Hi, I’m RuizuKun_Dev, your friendly neighborhood Game Developer.


Recently I’ve spent at least 50% of my time while on the DevForum reading Portfolios; and I have probably been through hundreds of them at the time of writing this Guide.

This Template for Portfolios is outdated and using it does not provide enough Information to get Clients especially with an underwhelming Portfolio, so I made a decision to fix that and help you all increase your sales!

In this guide you’ll learn how to write a portfolio that communicates all the information needed to get more prospects and increase your sales!

Here’s a sample

1.The Title

The Title is as important as the Thread itself; you must make it grab attention to increase prospects.

I would suggest this Format:

Role(s) Name’s Portfolio


  • Experienced Programmer | Jasmine’s Portfolio

  • Lowpoly Builder| Gordon’s Portfolio

  • R15 & Custom Rigs Animator | Walt’s Portfolio

  • SFX, GFX, 3D Modelling | Jack’s Portfolio

When prospects look for Developers to hire they have Roles they need in mind which your Title will grab their attention.

2. About You

Tell your prospects about your personality, pass work, years of experience and why you are the perfect guy or gal for the job.

3. Showcase

This is the most important section of all, it will make or break your chances of getting a Commission!

Prospects are expecting to see;

  • Your work
  • How much it cost
  • How much time it took
  • Your Website or Portfolio on 3rd party sites

Provide images, GIFs & videos of your work, state a price of how much it cost and how much time it took.

When showing your work make sure that it can be seen instantly without too many extra clicks, be mindful of Mobile users.

4. Payment

  • You must always state a clear Price
    1. State Price Range, Hourly Rate, Packages, Percentage
    2. State your Payment Methods
    3. Use your Showcase to put a price tag on your Services & Products
    4. State your terms and conditions; Pay first, Half and Half, etc
    5. “Prices are negotiable” is generic and doesn’t mean anything by itself, please don’t state this without context

Your prospects will have an ideal budget & payment method in mind; stating your prices upfront is genuine and will help prospects decide weather you are or are not the right person with the right budget for the job.

5. Availability

State how much time you dedicate yourself to your Services and Products;

  • How many hours per week/day you work on Commissions
  • How many assets can you produce in x amount of time
  • Your days off, upcoming vacations, exam, school, plans, etc

Your prospects has a Deadline that must be met; by stating your Availability and Time cost this helps prospects make better decisions based on their goals which increases your chances of getting hired.

6. Contact

  • Discord (if you don’t have an account make one)
  • Twitter
  • Roblox Profile
  • etc


  1. Your title must communicate clearly and grab attention
  2. Tell the world about yourself, what you do and most importantly why you are perfect for the job
  3. Showcase your best work well
  4. Be upfront and state your Prices and Payment Methods
  5. State how much time you dedicate yourself to Commissions
  6. Contacts, get in touch with your Prospects and turn them into Clients

Thanks for reading all the way to the end, here’s a high-five! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Awesome guide and I agree with a lot of this.

I think it should be emphasized that people should never post links to examples of their work. If at all possible, images should be embedded and directly on their thread. People will look at ten images, but they will not look at ten links. Same applies to builders in a sense. Builders should never just link their showcase place. Their portfolios should have a couple pictures of their showcase and then include a link to showcase (if they feel it necessary). People do not want to click on multiple links or have to go through several steps to (i.e. clicking, playing a game, etc.) just to get a sense of whether the developer’s work is good. It is only to the benefit of the developer to make it as convenient as possible for a potential customer.