PSA: Write Better Portfolios

A Guide to Crafting an Effective Portfolio

Hello, everyone! I’m RuizuKun_Dev, your friendly neighborhood game developer. I’ve spent a significant amount of time browsing through portfolios on the DevForum, and I’ve noticed that many of them could use some improvement. So, I decided to create this guide to help you enhance your portfolios and attract more prospects. Let’s dive in!

1. The Title

The title of your portfolio is crucial as it grabs attention and entices potential clients. I recommend using the following format:

[Role(s) Name]'s Portfolio

For example:

  • Experienced Programmer | Jasmine’s Portfolio
  • Lowpoly Builder | Gordon’s Portfolio
  • R15 & Custom Rigs Animator | Walt’s Portfolio
  • SFX, GFX, 3D Modelling | Jack’s Portfolio

By incorporating your role in the title, you immediately capture the interest of prospects searching for specific skills.

2. About You

This section allows you to introduce yourself, highlight your personality, showcase past work, and emphasize why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Mention your years of experience and provide a compelling argument for why clients should choose you over others.

3. Showcase

The showcase section is the most critical part of your portfolio. It can make or break your chances of securing a commission. Prospects expect to see the following:

  • Your work (images, GIFs, videos)
  • Cost of the work
  • Time taken to complete the work
  • Links to your website or portfolio on third-party sites

Ensure that your work is easily accessible and visible without requiring too many clicks, keeping in mind mobile users. Clearly state the price of your services and the time required for each project.

4. Payment

When discussing payment, it’s important to be transparent and provide clear information. Consider the following points:

  • State a clear price range, hourly rate, packages, or percentage.
  • Specify your preferred payment methods.
  • Utilize your showcase to demonstrate the price of your services or products.
  • Clearly outline your terms and conditions, such as payment requirements (e.g., pay first, half and half).
  • Avoid using generic phrases like “prices are negotiable” without providing context.

By clearly stating your prices upfront, you allow prospects to determine if your services align with their budget and payment preferences.

5. Availability

Prospects often have specific deadlines in mind. To help them make informed decisions, provide information about your availability, such as:

  • The number of hours you dedicate to commissions per week/day
  • The number of assets you can produce within a specific timeframe
  • Any planned days off, upcoming vacations, exams, or other commitments

By sharing your availability and time commitment, you increase your chances of being hired by prospects with specific deadlines.

6. Contact

Make it easy for prospects to get in touch with you by providing various contact options, such as Discord, Twitter, or your Roblox profile. Ensure that your contact information is readily available for potential clients to reach out to you.


To summarize, here are the key points to remember when creating your portfolio:

  1. Craft a clear and attention-grabbing title.
  2. Introduce yourself, emphasize your skills and experience, and explain why you’re the right choice for the job.
  3. Showcase your best work effectively using images, GIFs, videos, and pricing information.
  4. Be upfront about your prices, payment methods, and terms and conditions.
  5. Communicate your availability and time commitment.
  6. Provide contact information for prospects to reach out to you.

Thank you for reading this guide, and here’s a virtual high-five for making it to the end! :raised_hands: If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out. Best of luck with your portfolio!


Awesome guide and I agree with a lot of this.

I think it should be emphasized that people should never post links to examples of their work. If at all possible, images should be embedded and directly on their thread. People will look at ten images, but they will not look at ten links. Same applies to builders in a sense. Builders should never just link their showcase place. Their portfolios should have a couple pictures of their showcase and then include a link to showcase (if they feel it necessary). People do not want to click on multiple links or have to go through several steps to (i.e. clicking, playing a game, etc.) just to get a sense of whether the developer’s work is good. It is only to the benefit of the developer to make it as convenient as possible for a potential customer.