PSA: The Roblox app beta for Windows is now underway!

The entire app freezes when I switch tabs.

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I had to leave this beta because I prefer going to the website and it is not optional to have it go to the home when you press leave so I wont be using it anymore

Exactly what do you need to be eligible?

I found a bug, so I joined a game that my friend was playing, looked at the player list and it didn’t show the little friends icon or anything saying we where friends. I checked the website and, it said we where friends.

I went onto my sister’s account on my computer today to log her out of all other sessions, an I noticed she had the new “try the new app out today!”. Here is the thing: She does not have computer, so why did she get it in the first place?

I was able to test it out a bit by signing out and signing in with my account, and it seems too much like mobile emulated on a computer.

It’s really trippy when you click “servers” on a game and it pulls up a new roblox player window with the servers, (not smooth at all.)

It’s annoying how I can’t see my robux without going into the avatar editor.

When leaving a game, I usually press esc+l+enter, but now I have to press esc+l then click “yes I’m sure” because it’s really anoying

Make it easier to opt-out without re-installing roblox

Some feature requests:

Make it not so mobile looking

Make a new community plugins tab available directly for the new app to customize the app

Make it so when you lick on game it brings you to a full page more like the web version so you can see things like servers more easily

Make the bar on the left on the screen customizable

Make the thumbnails on games change automatically

Touch screen support?


Quick question.

I just got a windows for Christmas, does this mean I could be eligible in that 1% to have the windows beta app, or will I have no chance to have it since I was a mac user until today?

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Currently, I don’t know, it depends if you are a pro at roblox windows thing, and if your a pro at windows. I also think you need a good computer to do in-depth tests, your also working with roblox with a couple of other 1% of the roblox thing

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I’m not a big fan on this update, I have a lot of problems.

For example when your cursor is at the top of the screen this pops up:

When I hover my cursor over the roblox logo in the top left hand corner this pops up:

And the most annoying thing for me is when I alt + f4 sometimes takes me back to the home.

The server list takes a long time to use:

I also prefer the old esc menu

I wish you could make it optional to use this.


If you don’t like it you can fully reinstall roblox and it will bring it to the old menu and stuff.
If you don’t like the bar at the top of the screen use an ad blocker and zap the element.

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This sounds really cool and I am quite excited about any new features to come for the UI, but it does raise some questions. If this is rolled out in a stable official build, will the website be replaced? and what sorts of integration can we expect from the app from an ease of use standpoint? I cant wait to see if this gets rolled out as it seems quite intriguing!

Yeah, It was released a while back but then they reverted it back to the old one. It worked fine for me. I wish they can bring it back soon.

idk if it a bug or not but it supposed to be large

Why not compromise and turn the Roblox website into a PWA?

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What?! Roblox is supporting Super Doomspire itself guys, revolt!

In all seriousness, it looks cool, but currently the app feels like the mobile one, but the mobile app only really allows you to look at games instead of exploring the further aspects of Roblox (groups, clothing, game configuration, etc.). If this is the same as the mobile app, I hope there is some way to still use the website.

My question is:
When if ever do you think there will be an opt-in opportunity?

I think Roblox is trying to unify its design across all platforms.

For the 99% of people who currently haven’t been given the opportunity to opt-in?

No, when the test period is in the later stages.

Oh, okay then. That makes sense.

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Just figured out it says this: