PSA: The Roblox app beta for Windows is now underway!

Howdy developers! :cowboy_hat_face:

We wanted to let you know about a new beta test for the Roblox app on Windows. This beta alters the flow of how players join games and where they can purchase Premium and Robux.

A few important things:

  • Only 1% of Windows users will be eligible enter the beta
  • It’s an opt-in beta
  • All users of that device will experience the beta once opted-in
  • We will be enabling and disabling this beta several times over the coming weeks and months

Here’s what it looks like:


A quick anticipated FAQ… :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question:

Q: What’s different or new with the app?

A: Simply put, the goal is to make a seamless experience available on Windows! We wish to have an immersive and convenient flow for playing games, browsing games, customizing your character, chatting with friends, and more.

Q: Is this beta the same as Roblox for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)?

A: This experience is functionally very similar to Roblox for UWP; however, it’s important to note that this is NOT the same application.

Q: Will players be using a new or different application? Will I have to code anything differently?

A: 1% of players on Windows will be given the option to opt in to the beta version of the application. You will not need to code anything to accommodate this.

Q: A user reported a bug to me that seems to be related to this beta, what should I do?

A: Have the players contact us via our support form. That way we can both fix the bug and help the player! If you yourself are in the beta and experience a bug, feel free to tag @phri on your bug report!

Additional Questions

Q: A couple of months ago, this was enabled briefly and users experienced performance issues. What was improved for the beta?

A: We expect in-game performance of the beta to be identical to the non-beta experience. We’ve focused heavily on fixing issues related to input lag and performance over the past month. To summarize, in-game performance should be fixed. There are a few issues with in-app performance which we are aware of and are actively improving.

Q: Users can opt-in, but where and how?

A: We’re slowly rolling out the ability to opt-in to the new experience. This is limited to 1% of Windows users for now and we will increase that percentage over time. Eligible users will see a button to opt-in on their web Home page.

Q: What will happen to the Microsoft Store version (UWP)?

A: We will not be removing Roblox from the Microsoft Store.

Q: What will happen to the website?

A: Currently this is an opt-in experience. The goal is to let people do more things within the app. We have no plans to eliminate the website.

Q: I’ve had that in-game menu before. Am I in the beta?

A: We’re running a separate test of the new menu, so if you see that, it doesn’t necessarily mean you get the entirely new beta app experience.

Q: I am in the Roblox Beta Program, am I in this beta?

A: At this time, this Roblox app beta is not related to the Roblox Beta Program.


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Looks pretty cool! Can developers have an option to opt in? Leaving it up to a 1 in 100 chance is terrible for testing in games and such. The UI looks like it could in some cases affect existing UI, for example, having similar logos to Roblox’s button on the far left.

A solution such as a survey only on this topic would be perfect.

We’d have to find a Windows user who is (presumably) over 13 who had a 1/100 chance of getting this opportunity who also accepted the request and is willing to communicate with developers. That’s a pretty low percentage of a player-base.

This way we won’t have to ask around a community for the one lucky person who’d be willing to share their screen.


Wow, this looks like a great update and the User Interface definitely needed some changing! The User Interface looks like the mobile app UI and looks a lot more modernized.
I’m so happy for all those lucky Windows users!

cries in mac


This is awesome and all and I love the UI, but what are the performance effects from this (I was anticipating this in the FAQ)? A couple of months ago, this was rolled out briefly and users experienced major lag, so was this improved for the beta?

And second, how will this work in terms of the app-to-game aspect? If the player opens the “home screen,” will they be disconnected from that game or will the entire thing act like a menu?

I’m quite excited to use this, but one thing I don’t get is this 1% thing. People can opt-in, but where and how?

I really the idea of this and how convenient it would be to have pretty much all of the website in front you in-game.


Looks amazing! Does it include the develop page (or new create page) too? (I would think yes but im just making sure)

By the way, how do we opt in? Why are only 1% of people able to use this?


I’m confused. Does this only apply to the Roblox app in the Microsoft Store? I don’t really know what UWP means. I’m an idiot, so please don’t bully me. :wink:


No, it is an entirely separate app.


I’m a little bit confused. What problems does this solve? I think it would just create more annoyance and confusion since there are many things that you can only do on the website. Also, why do only 1% of Windows users get the chance to enter the beta? Just curious.


Probably through Roblox Messages or an email from Roblox or a survey, or maybe even on the DevForum


An update that looked similar to this happened one evening to many people including me. I was able to choose games inside the game I was playing, kinda seemed like mobile. The update was horrible though since my mouse was extremely delayed and lag was horrible(maybe its just my computer) and very soon the update was reversed.

Hope this wont be like that update but can’t wait to see :+1:


Does that mean that the Roblox icon on my desktop will actually have a reason to exist?


I believe that the 1% that is eligible has a little button at the top of their Roblox home page on the website.
This is where I got my info.


I’m still confused. I’m talking about this .

Sorry for my massive lack of knowledge. :laughing:


Yes i like this update put me in asap!!!

i like testing out things that what i like to doo…

This is cool tho can you guys update Roblox windows 10 version icons and maybe the layout? to match with the windows new roblox client version app…


This beta will be an entire separate app than the Windows Store version im pretty sure.


I had that same update for a few hours. What annoyed me the most was that it took more clicks to leave the game, since I don’t want to have to hit a series of buttons just to leave the game lol.


Looking at the white bar right here, I think this is for the Microsoft Store version. I don’t get that white bar when I’m on my home page. Am I missing something here?

As far as I know, I don’t think a single soul uses the Microsoft Store version, other than having two accounts playing at the same time. It’s kind of dead.


This user interface looks awesome, however it reminds me too much of mobile, for example, like this:

I’d prefer the game pop-up screen to be full screen, instead of it covering only the middle.

  • The Robux symbol is also gold, it should be white in order for it to blend it with the other logos on he screen.

  • Also, putting your mouse over the Roblox logo is really annoying, because the menu pop ups. The menu should only open if you click on the logo.

(I am not clicking the Roblox Logo button)

  • Some of the buttons that you click on the Roblox software home page opens a new application(?), however I am assuming that this is a place holder. It should really open inside the main software.

  • The final thing I noticed is that there is no advanced colours or hats option in the avatar option. This means that I cannot equip more than three accessories or have separate body colours. Would this be an option later on?

Overall, this new app beta is wonderful, however some things will need to change in order to improve the user’s experience.

A question that I have is that would this application be replacing the Roblox website?


phri had the game client out of fullscreen, causing the bar to appear at the top.