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Welcome to Guitar Central! This public handbook was made to enlighten users of our community, how we operate, and to provide resources in an organized manner.

About Us

Guitar Central is a role-playing community built on the Roblox platform. Here at Guitar Central, we strive to incorporate music into our day to day operations. Based on the worldwide “Guitar Center” franchise, we work to provide a safe and friendly environment that grants players the ability to play an instrument through their devices.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Noted Customer role, and how do I obtain it?

The Noted Customer role was made to recognize noteworthy members within our group. This role is given to contributors, former SHRs, and alliance representatives.

How may I become a Trainee?

To become a Trainee, you must first, join our group, then you may head over to our Application Center. If you’ve successfully completed the application, you will automatically be ranked within our group.

How are promotions earned?

Promotions are given out to those who have proven to be active, responsible, professional, and dedicated. Traits we look for when promoting are:

  • General Activity
  • Professionalism
  • Actively Attending Sessions
  • Respectful
  • Always Trying Their Best

What is the cooldown for promotions?

Once promoted, there is a cooldown of 14 days (2 weeks) before you may receive a promotion again.

There is someone causing problems in the game, what should I do?

Inside of our game, we offer a report system. Simply click the report button, and complete the form. Once you’ve submitted your response, our SHR team will receive the report and investigate it further.

How do I rank up from Trainee?

In order to become a staff member, you must attend a training session. If you have successfully passed the session, you will obtain the rank that you have trained for.

How often are sessions held?

Sessions are held whenever one of our HRs+ is available to host. Due to our group being so small, we do not offer a training schedule. Once our community expands, a training schedule will be introduced.

Ranks and Information

Here at Guitar Central, we offer 12 obtainable staff ranks that can be earned through a series of promotions.

LR Ranks

  • Janitor

  • Security

  • Cashier

  • Supervisor

MR Ranks

  • General Manager

  • Shift Manager

  • Management Team

  • Human Resources

HR Ranks

  • Board of Directors

  • President

  • Chairperson

SHR Ranks

  • Executive Adviser

  • Development Team

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Chief Operating Officer

  • Chief Executive Officer


Public Relations

The Public Relations team handles things like alliances, events, and anything relating to the public image of Guitar Central.


Management makes sure everything behind the scenes is running smoothly. They’re in charge of promotions and demotions, making sure staff are doing their jobs, and are what keep the group organized.


The Moderation Team are mainly focused on the Discord server, and making sure users who break the rules are punished. However, they also handle appeals.


The growth of Guitar Central lays in the hands of the Marketing Team. Their sole focus is growing our group.


Our Developers are the people that make our games. They handle bug reports, suggestions, and anything involving the development of our games.

Code of Conduct

1 - Inappropriate Behavior

1A - Disrespect

Disrespect will not be tolerated within our community. Any sign of disrespect to our staff, our members, or our affiliates will result in action being taken. Some examples of disrespecting are:

  • Insulting

  • Purposefully trying to upset someone

1B - Trolling

The definition of trolling is to purposefully upset users, actively wanting to cause a disturbance and to do things with the sole intention of irritating someone. Trolling can consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Being purposefully unreasonable

  • Blocking entrances

  • Jumping on decorations

  • Blocking the lanes

1C - Drama

We kindly ask that you refrain from bringing drama into our community. If you find yourself in the middle of the drama, we kindly ask that you keep it in DMs, and alert an SHR right away.

1D - Harassment

Harassment is something we will not tolerate. Any users who are caught harassing another member will experience severe punishment. Examples of such may be found below:

  • Racial slurs

  • Mocking

  • Cyberbullying

2 - Communication

2A - Advertisement

Unsolicited advertisements and or promotional topics are not welcomed here. Advertising is only allowed when given the consent to.

2B - Bypass

The Roblox chat filter exists for a reason. Any attempt to bypass the filter in a negative way is not allowed. This includes swearing, advertising, and NSFW.

2C - Spam

Spam can be considered as many different things. At Guitar Central, we classify spam as any large messages that take up the majority of space in the chat, messages sent in a very small amount of time that take up space in the chat, gibberish, and messages sent in all capitals.

3 - In-Game

3A - Exploits

The use of exploits is strictly forbidden. Not only are you breaking our rules, but Roblox’s as well. Any user caught using exploits/hacks will immediately be banned.

3B - Report UI

At Guitar Central, we offer a way to report users and bugs from inside the game. All reports are sent to our SHR team. Any user caught abusing this will be blacklisted.

3C - Abuse of Bugs

All games have bugs and glitches. The Developers kindly ask that you report any bugs that you encounter. Using bugs for your own benefit is not allowed.

4 - Miscellaneous

4A - Loopholes

Trying to find and use a loophole within our rules will not result in the way you hope it will. Our rules were introduced to overall provide a better experience to our members.

4B - Alts

If you have been banned, you may not use another account to bypass the ban. We offer a way to appeal your ban. All alts will be immediately banned.

4C - Asking for Robux

You may not ask anywhere in our group for Robux. This is considered as spam.

Alliance Information

We are currently not accepting any alliance applications.

Alliance Requirements

  • Must have a minimum amount of 100 non-botted members.

  • Employees at your group must be professional, respectful, and mature.

  • Your group must be active. This applies to your Discord server, too.

  • Your administrative team must not be corrupt, nor show any signs of corruption.

  • Your staff must be willing to announce our events, major announcements, and milestones.

  • Must have at least one representative within our Discord server. This provides us with easy communication between groups.

  • All necessary games are released. This includes your main game, an application center, and a training center.

  • Your group must have a good public image. We will not partner with a group that has a bad reputation.

Our group will announce anything asked of us. Representatives will be sent to your Discord. If there are any issues or concerns, we kindly ask that you bring it to us privately through DMs.

Alliance Application

  • What is the group you are requesting an alliance for?

  • What is your group’s current member count?

  • Please list the username of 1-2 representatives that will be sent to our server.

  • Please send the link to your group, along with a permanent invitation to your Discord.

  • Why are you wanting to form an alliance with Guitar Central?

  • In what way will this alliance be beneficial for us?

  • In what way will this alliance be beneficial for your group?

  • Why should we ally with your group?

Please send your application VIA DMs to a member of our Public Relations Department.

By forming an alliance with Guitar Central, we reserve the right to terminate it if our Public Relations Team feel that it is not a good fit for our group.

Important Links

Our Group

The Store

Application Center

Training Center

Staff Handbook


Main Developers

@Chordily - Building, sound effects, and 3D modeling.

@EletricalSpy - Scripting

@kawaiiyuanxi - All things related to the digital artwork


@csowah5819 - Background music

@eryums - Uniforms

@lightifieds - Store’s GFX

@LysticaI - Commissioned for the store and training center

@awesomerebeccachen - Commissioned for the store and training center

@FalllenAnqell - Group logo