Staff Handbook | GC


Welcome to the Staff Handbook for Guitar Central! This handbook was made to guide staff, explain how promotions and demotions work, give insight towards our expectations, and overall provide helpful information for our staff team.

Expected Behavior

As a member of our staff team, you are expected to be professional, mature, respectful, helpful, to have a positive attitude, and to always follow our rules. You must always use grammar. No exceptions will be made. All staff, besides Board of Directors and higher, are required to wear a uniform when in-game.

If a guest asks you a question, please answer it to the best of your knowledge. If you do not know the answer, an appropriate response would be, “I sadly do not know. I will see if I can get the answer from other staff, and let you know.”

As an LR or MR, please show up and assist during a training session. It is not required, but we ask that you do whenever you are able to.

If you are an HR or higher, you are required to host/co-host a training session every now and then. Please host when you are available.

Promotions and Demotions

Our Management Team is actively promoting and demoting users. More information can be found below.


You may earn a promotion by doing the following:

  • By being active.

  • Actively helping during training sessions.

  • Are known to be nice, professional, and helpful.

  • Are always/nearly always abiding by our rules.

  • Always do your best, and are always open to feedback and constructive criticism.

  • Having a positive attitude.

Once you are promoted, there is a 14 day cool down before you are able to be promoted again.

By asking or hinting towards a promotion, you will be lowering the chances of it actually happening.


Demotions are always a possibility. Our SHRs often demote users for the following:

  • Not using grammar.

  • Never wearing a uniform.

  • Being very inactive.

  • Being disrespectful, unprofessional, and immature.

  • Inciting arguments and drama.

  • Actively are breaking our rules.

  • Talking back to higher ranked staff.

  • Are constantly asking for a promotion.

  • Abusing admin commands.

Code of Conduct

1 - Abuse

1A - Admin Abuse

All MR ranks and above have access to admin commands. Anyone who is admin abusing will be subjected to immediate termination. Examples of admin abuse are:

  • :kick all

  • :ban all

1B - Abusing the Tools

LR Ranks are given 2 tools in their inventory, handcuffs, and a mop. The handcuffs were made to restrain users who are breaking the rules. While a user is restrained, they cannot move. Wherever the person who restrained you looks and moves, is where you look and move. This means it can be easily abused. Any user caught abusing this tool will be immediately fired.

2 - Inappropriate Behavior

2A - Hinting

As mentioned before, asking or hinting towards a promotion will decrease the likelihood of it happening. Excessive hinting will result in punishment.

2B - Immaturity

As a staff member, you are expected to show signs of maturity at all times. Immaturity is anything similar to the following:

  • Poop and fart jokes

  • Are overly sensitive

  • Name calling

  • Unaware of how you and your actions may affect other’s

2C - Professionalism

All staff are expected to be professional at all times. Some examples of being professional are:

  • Using good vocabulary

  • Always open to constructive criticism

  • Always trying to be better

  • Using proper spelling and grammar

  • Having a positive attitude

3 - Regulations

3A - Grammar

Grammar is a very broad term. It’s everything that makes up a sentence, and the way that you use words.

At Guitar Central, we consider grammar to be proper spelling, proper use of punctuation marks, capitalizing the letter I, and capitalizing the first letter of a sentence.

3B - Uniform

All ranks lower than Board of Directors are required to have our uniform on. There are 2 different sets available, men and women.

All of these rules applies to group shouts, group wall posts, and in game behavior.


Thank you for reading through this handbook. Our SHR Team did their best to add everything that is needed. If you wish to have something added, please DM a CFO or above.

Everything included inside of this handbook applies in-game and inside our Discord.