Public Sound Effects Upload Are Now Available for Creators

Exactly this, I wanted to word my post as more of a request. In addition to the inventory requirement defeating the purpose of public audio, the small amounts of audio from services like Clippsly and Duetti is near impossible to find without knowing the uploader’s name due to the walls of APM audio that can’t be filtered out.

Its made even worse by the way the audio filter works: you need to know what genre of music you are looking for to search for music versus audio in the library


Just gonna reply to this with a use case as to really sell this point home, considering that I assumed that this audio update would’ve included public audios actually being audible before the “day of silence.”

I program engine sounds to work with cars running A-Chassis, sometimes alongside @Xelluent’s sound engineering. Ever since the audio update it’s been near impossible to have complex engine “sound suites” (imagine FMOD sound banks) be audible in game without allowing the creator of said game access to each individual audio. In my personal best, with 53 sounds, that is an insanely tedious task. This affects an entire community I’m in dedicated to cars.

This also heavily hinders me and a community I’m in as I release my own fictional cars, and have more ready to release yet are paused because of the fact that even newly-made public SFX audios that passed moderation are still not able to be heard in games.

If there’s some type of manual review process, at least be transparent with it, otherwise please at least just let us know if this behavior is intentional or intended to change, as it’s making it near impossible for me to release models to the public without needing to find workarounds or search for older sound suites that are lackluster to the quality of models I want to release.


EDIT: Sorry… I had a question but it was solved by this: