Public Sound Effects Upload Are Now Available for Creators

Hi Creators,

Starting today, Creators can distribute free sound effects under 10 seconds via the Creator Store provided you meet the criteria (are 13+ and ID-verified, and in good moderation standing). Once distributed, these sound effects will be available for any creator to use inside their experience(s).

Unique sounds, community created

Being able to find unique sound effects that enhance experiences is a top request from Creators. Whether it’s nailing the gunshots in your action game, having that perfect screech in your horror game, or creating the next iconic Roblox sound meme, now, there is an opportunity for sound designers to create and share sound effects that enhance your experiences.

Getting started

To upload a sound effect, navigate to Creator Hub > Creations > Audio > Upload Asset, as you would upload any existing audio file today. Sound effects should not include music or speech. Once uploaded, the asset must pass moderation and quality checks to ensure it’s a valid sound effect.

If the sound effect passes all three checks (copyright detection, Roblox’s sound effect classifier, and moderation), it will be qualified for Creator Store distribution. To check if your asset is eligible, navigate to Creator Hub > Creations > Audio > click on the uploaded asset to open its Configure page. If eligible, you will see a green check mark in the ‘Distribution’ Section.

You will need to complete a one-time application to be an Audio Distributor. By clicking ‘Submit For Review,’ you will be taken to the Audio Distribution onboarding page where you must verify your ID and sign the audio terms of service.

Once completed, you can enable the ‘Distribute on Creator Store’ toggle. The asset will now be available for anyone to acquire on the Creator Store.

Known Limitations

  • The audio length must be <10 sec, and the audio needs to pass through a sound effect classifier. Any moderation actions on sound effects are not appealable, however we’ll continue to invest in improving our detection accuracy.
  • The existing maximum audio upload limit applies to sound effect uploads as well (10 assets/month for non-ID verified users and 100 assets/month for ID-verified users). We understand these limits are not ideal and are working towards increasing them for short-form audio uploads.
  • Although upload will be available via Studio and Web, Sound effect distribution will only be available via Creator Hub, and not available in Studio.
  • In order to use publicly uploaded sound effects, you will need to acquire the asset from the Creator Store and add to your inventory. If you were to insert the audio asset in Studio via common creator workflows (e.g drag/drop, insert etc), it would automatically be added to your inventory, to facilitate permission assignment. However, there’s no change in the inventory for others in your active TeamCreate session or those re-opening the placefile later. This inventory grant is specific to the user that is actively inserting the audio.
  • Currently, groups cannot acquire audio assets from the Creator Store. We’re evaluating supporting this in future.

What’s Next?

More is in the works! We know you have been asking for the ability to upload public audio for a long time. We will continue to unlock new capabilities to improve your end-to-end audio needs on Roblox. In the meantime, your continued feedback is invaluable to us.

Shoutout to the team that made this launch possible: @AngelEthereal , @runningfry72, @complexlint, @iplaygame_theory @ehopehopehope, @ejmoody333, @MazerStein, @xiao1ongbao, @AZKOolKAt, @headinclouds_ash

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view the FAQs!

What happens to experiences that have integrated sound effects from Creator Store if a creator removes a sound effect or the sound effect is moderated and removed from Creator Store?
If a creator chooses to remove sound effects from the Creator Store, they will not be removed from the experiences already using these assets. However if sound effects are moderated or archived, they will be removed from Creator Store as well as the experiences using the asset.

Will this change affect any audio uploaded by Roblox? (APM Music Library, Monstercat etc)
This change does not affect the currently publicly available audio, music or sound effect.

For existing audio files created by Roblox, will creators need to acquire those assets going forward?
There is no change to permissions for existing audio files on Creator Store. The requirement to acquire the audio asset only applies to the sound effects uploaded and distributed by creators.

Why are creators required to be ID-verified to upload sound effects?
ID verification ensures that we can comply with requirements around uploaded audio and helps ensure the integrity of uploaded assets. Privacy is of utmost importance. Roblox has partnered with Persona, a third-party service provider, to verify the identity of account owners who wish to access additional social features and age-appropriate content. Information uploaded to Persona is retained for a period of 30 days. After this period, the uploaded data is removed from Persona. Roblox does not receive any raw identification information. You can learn more here.


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This will diversify sound design in games by a huge margin. Great stuff!


This is absurd… yet another ID verification thing! :tada: Roblox is insanely out of touch with their target userbase and it’s still getting increasingly more difficult to do literally anything without coughing up my ID… still not doing it.

Thanks for the memories but it looks like I’m going to be done with Roblox soon… this is getting totally unusable for any normal person.


Roblox asking for I.D for Voice Chat, Email for verifications, Phone number for 2FA , Location on every device and Camera Enabling for in game face animations, Asking I.D to uploading Audios, Asking I.D for Dev-Ex, Asking I.D Uploading Models (You typically also have to add your Social Security Number (With a third party) to get paid out), Asking I.D Uploading UGC, Asking I.D for Immersive Ads

But don’t worry, your information isn’t being sent anywhere. They have a third Party! Trust them!


No boombox revival :frowning:

Welp, guess copyrights won the day - Can’t wait to see greenlegocat’s video on how disappointed he will be with this

At least SFX are back, I guess?


Awesome that public sounds are slowly getting back up!

Noticed a possible issue though: you can distribute audio without having agreed to the terms.


i mean, about time…

now wheres the ability to upload and publicise your own licensed music.

Does the developer have to own an audio for a player of one of their games to use said audio? If so, this still doesn’t solve the issue that a lot of games have unused boombox features since the audio update.


Very delayed feature but nonetheless much appreciated. Yet, some questions are still left after reading the post…

This inventory grant is specific to the user that is actively inserting the audio. […] Currently, groups cannot acquire audio assets from the Creator Store. We’re evaluating supporting this in future.

  • Does that mean groups themselves can’t get audios but rather the group owner needs to have it? Or that groups just can’t use sounds…?

[…] provided you meet the criteria (are 13+ and ID-verified, and in good moderation standing).
[…] The existing maximum audio upload limit applies to sound effect uploads as well (10 assets/month for non-ID verified users)

  • Are there plans for non-ID verified users to be able to upload assets in the future?

  • Additionally, are there any future plans for users to be able to publicly upload music or other sound formats again?


This is just not acceptable. Our game designs, not to mention the paycheck for our teams depends on us being able to upload the content we invested time, money, and resources into developing.

There needs to be an appeal process for every moderation action.

I completely misunderstood the OP, read the reply!


We keep asking Roblox to stop our content from being stolen, to place in guard rails against mass copying. Well, this is it.

I understand it can be difficult, especially if you do not have the privacy protections endowed upon European citizens; but as long as their are contractual privacy guarantees, this is a necessary and welcome change for me.


When will this be increased? It’s very unideal for the upload limit to be this small for ID-unverified developers.

I don’t see why you can’t appeal for moderation actions on sound effects. This would be completely unfair if the system falsely detected an sound effect as rule-breaking. Please reconsider this.


as much as i hugely appreciate this change i’ve been waiting for forever, i cannot participate in it because i do not own a phone. :​(


Who is we? This was never an issue in the first place - the 10 second requirement would combat those extremely loud bypasses and rap uploads. Locking it to people who have up their ID was unnecessary and just adds extreme friction for absolutely no reason.


Awesome! After so long, we FINALLY can.

Except… uhhh… Please do make some adjustments to the moderation.
Not being able to appeal rejected sounds is very inconvenient and destructive for development.

Gunshots and screeches are awesome but they VERY often get falsely moderated for being… “too loud”? (Literally the point of a screech/gunshot, otherwise they sound super weak and underwhelming.)

And being forced to change or adjust a sound effect because it got rejected also ruins the artistic intend behind it.

To add onto this, there are still A LOT of people not comfortable with ID verifying themselves.

On top of that, with the current moderation often incorrectly rejecting audio or punishing developers, this can further become a problem.

I’ve been falsely banned before for the wrong reasons and I was unable to appeal it, I had to wait a while before I could work in studio again, does that mean I’m in “bad standing”?

Overall, I don’t want to complain about this, I actually am very glad we can finally upload public audio.
It’s just that the system currently has some issues that I hope won’t be ignored and get improved upon soon.


Sorry for not being clear!

By we, I mean both my team specifically, and several of the communities that I am or have been apart of; which have on multiple occasions complained that our sounds are blatantly ripped our of our games, or our official streaming accounts, and re-uploaded for personal and commercial usage.


I’d like to understand a bit more clearly. My game would love to have users submit their own sounds that they create for use in user generated content. If they make a sound public and give my game the ID, will their sound play or not? Because this sounds like it would not.


The problem here is how does Roblox know if you’re a trusted user or not? They dont want some random uploading bypassed music, so they dont get another copyright lawsuit.

ID might be a little heavy handed but its whats Roblox has got, and until the internet comes up with a less invasive way of telling if someone is trusted, its what they have to use.


This is extremely lame

Is there a reason for this? Its just a lot more tasking to go to a different page instead of just uploading it to studio and clicking “Public”


One step forward, two steps back.

It seems a bit absurd that I now need my government ID for yet another thing that I can only use explicitly as a scripter or UI designer.

On top of that, why 10 seconds specifically? How was this determined to be the appropriate cut-off length? I have a fair amount of sound effects I’ll need to cut off in order to make them work under this limit, many of them licensed CC0.

In addition to that, why are we unable to appeal moderation decisions for sound effects, of all things? We are able to appeal moderation decisions on decals and models – how does the medium of creativity being sound change all that?

It’s great that Roblox is eventually considering publically shareable music, but gating that behind government ID feels like far too harsh of a requirement. I’d rather not have yet another few different avenues to have the current location I am living in opened to malicious hackers with no warning.